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JAMB Agric Science Questions and Answers 2023/2024 Expo. Candidates writing JAMB 2023 are welcome to this page. You are searching online for 2023/2024 JAMB Questions and Answers on Agric Science, jamb Agriculture cbt exams, Agric Science JAMB answers 2023 for all batches,

JAMB 2019/2020 Agric Science Answers

See likely JAMB Agric Expo, hot topics for JAMB Agric Science 2023 runs, JAMB Agricultural Science Past Questions and answers? We have done a great job on this – JAMB Answers and Questions 2023 to help candidates on how to answers the CBT Questions. 

JAMB 2023 Agric Science Questions and Answers for first batch second batch, and third batch have been solved and made available here for any candidate to make good use of them. (PDF Expo Download). See the Agric Science  JAMB Answers and Past Questions as you read down.

JAMB Agricultural Science 2023 Objectives Questions and Answers PDF

Note: The Examination is Very simple, all you have to do is to read the questions carefully. It is simply a test, just be logical and smart in your reasoning.

Majority of JAMB Candidates are always afraid of Agric Science questions, with the belief that JAMB Agric Science CBT questions are not usually simple for someone to answer. But I tell you that such a belief is not true. JAMB Agric Science Questions are normally the simplest in JAMB Examination…Are you wondering? Let me give a prove….Don’t forget that the Answers will be given below as you read on…

JAMB CBT Past Questions and Answers on Agric Science

2023 Agric Science Questions for JAMB

JAMB Agric Past Questions PDF

Below are Sample Agric Questions for JAMB 2023…

1. Theobroma cacao grows best in the

Answer: humid rainforest zone

2. By-products of livestock used as feed ingredients in poultry ration include

Answer: blood and bones

3. The following are Farm surveying equipment

Answer: Gunters chain, compass and Abney level

4. Subsistence farmers mostly practice

Answer: mixed farming

5. Nutrient replenishment in soil can be enhanced by

Answer: Crop rotation

6. Insect damage to crop takes the form of

Answer: chewing, sucking and piercing

7. A farmer collects 800 eggs from a laying stock of 1200 birds per day. Determine the laying percentage of the stock

Answer: Laying percentage = (number of eggs x 100) ÷ number of layers = (800×100) ÷ 1200 = 67%

8. The branch of horticulture that deals with the production of vegetables is called

Answer: Pomology

9. A bag of fertilizer has a ratio of 0 : 10: 0 written on it. This means that the fertilizer is a

Answer: Phosphate fertilizer

10. A piece of land is said to be on lease to a farmer when it is

Answer: rented for a period

12. What is the function Nitrosomonas bacteria in nitrogen cycle?

Answer: Nitrogen fixation

13. In crop production, ginger is propagated by

Answer: rhizome

14. What feature do you think can lead to wrong reading on a prismatic compass?

Answer: magnetic attraction

15. Continuous soil tillage could lead to

Answer: Breakdown of soil structure

16. Crop rotation decreases the incidence of pests by

Answer: breaking life cycles of pests

17. The forest management system which involves the planting of both food crops and forest trees on the same piece of land at the same time is known as

Answer: taungya

18. Yellow colouration of the lower leaves of a growing maize plant may be due to deficiency in

Answer: Nitrogen

19. The major factor affecting the distribution of crops in West Africa is

Answer: climate

20. The system in which a farmer uses a piece of land for a period of time and abandons it for another land is called

Answer: shift cultivation

21. A mass of decayed plan and animal wastes processed in pits is referred to as

Answer: compost manure

22. Flood irrigation is used for the cultivation of

Answer: swamp rice

23. A sow that is not producing milk after farrowing should be given

Answer:  oxytocin

24. Corms, rhizomes and tubers are examples of

Answer: underground stems

25. The correct sequence for the use of coupled implements for land preparation is

Answer: plough, harrow and ridger

26. Which layer of the soil profile do most biological activities occur?

Answer: A-horizon

27. Under the communal land tenure system, farmers find it difficult to secure loans because

Answer: land holdings cannot be used as security

28. Piglet anaemia can be controlled by using

Answer: iron drugs

29. The correct sequence of feed utilization in farm animals is

Answer: ingestion-digestion-absorbtion-assmilation

30. Which group of rocks is formed as a result of volcanic eruption?

Answer: Basalt, granite and pumice

31. Soil water that is available for root absorbtin at field capacity is

Answer: Capillary water

32. Sexual maturity in farm animals is not influenced by their

Answer: Weaning age

33. In birds, loss of appetite, respiratory difficulties and nervous paralysis are symptoms of

Answer: Newcastle diseases

34. The device which helps to stabilize heat in an incubator is the

Answer: Thermostat

35. In animal production, newly-born rabbits are called

Answer: Bunnies

36. In crop production, ginger is propagated by

Answer: rhizome

37. The main objective of establishing forest in the arid region is to

Answer: check desert encroachment

38. Poaching is prohibited in game reserves to

Answer: conserve wildlife

39. A requlatory control of diseases in crop production is

Answer: Quarantine

40. Pineapple is widely propagated using suckers

JAMB Expo on Agricultural Science 2023

The expo/runs on JAMB agriculture is not yet available, we will keep giving you more updates on the Questions and answers as the exams is going on.

Reasons students fail JAMB:

  • Failure to make use of the syllables
  • Lack of Self-confidence.
  • Failure to stick to JAMB Brochure:
  • Lack of good study habits
  • Late Registration of JAMB
  • Lack of Speed:
  • Failure to arrive at the exams venue early
  • Computer illiteracy
  • Incomplete exam materials

That is all about JAMB Agric Science Questions and Answers. If you have any questions to ask, kindly use the comment box below for your questions.

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