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JAMB 2019/2020 Literature in English Answers

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It is obvious that Majority of JAMB Candidates are always afraid of Literature in English questions, with the belief that JAMB Literature in English CBT questions are not usually simple for someone to answer. But I tell you that such a belief is not true. JAMB Literature in English Questions are normally the simplest in JAMB Examination…Are you wondering? Let me give a prove….Don’t forget that the Answers will be given below as you read on…

2020/2021 JAMB Past Questions and Answers on Literature in English

Below are Sample Literature in English Questions for JAMB 2019…

1. The character matched against the hero of a play is the
[a] antagonist
[b] Anti-hero
[c] Braggart
[d] Clown
[e] Hypocrite

2. “He bleats like a goat” is an example of
[a] hyperbole
[b] Irony
[c] Personification
[d] Pun
[e] Simile

3. An epistolary method of writing a novel is a method whereby a novel is written in the form of
[a] dialogue
[b] Drama
[c] Essay
[d] Letter
[e] Monologue

4. Which of the following is not a genre of literature?
[a] farce
[b] novel
[c] play
[d] poetry
[e] satire

5. A simple story with a deeper meaning is called
[a] an allegory
[b] an elegy
[c] an epic
[d] an ode
[e] a romance

6. A poetic device which exaggerates situations or objects is known as
[a] climax
[b] epigram
[c] flashback
[d] hyperbole
[e] paradox

7. Which of the following is odd in the appreciation of a poem?
[a] chapter
[b] rythm
[c] setting
[d] stanza
[e] theme

8. The term ‘tragic flaw’ means
[a] A mistake made by the hero
[b] A moral weakness in the hero
[c] the first act in a play
[d] the prologue
[e] wrong spellings in a play

9. The first eight lines of a sonnet is called
[a] a couplet
[b] an octave
[c] a quatrain
[d] a sestet
[e] a set

10. The last part of a literary work is known as
[a] acknowledgement
[b] an epilogue
[c] an epitaph
[d] a prologue
[e] conclusion

11. The identical sound at the end of a poem is known as
[a] mere
[b] refrain
[c] rhyme
[d] rhythm
[e] verse

12. A direct address to a dead/absent person or thing is known as
[a] apostrophe
[b] direct speech
[c] dirge
[d] lyric
[e] oration

13. The use of mild expression to avoid the direct statement of an unpleasant truth is known as
[a] euphemism
[b] hyperbole
[c] irony
[d] simile

14. Which of the following is not a play?
[a] Doctor Faustus
[b] Romeo and Juliet
[c] Galileo
[d] Dizzy Angels
[e] The trail of Dedan Kimathi

15. But from this earth, this grave, this dust my God shall raise me up, ‘I trust’ The feeling of the poet is one of
[a] hatred
[b] indecision
[c] love
[d] optism
[e] sarcasm

16. But from this earth, this grave, this dust, my God shall raise me up, ‘I trust!. The underlined are examples of
[a] assonance
[b] paradox
[c] repetition
[d] rhyme
[e] sarcasm

17. The period of laughter or amusement in a tragic play is called
[a] comedy
[b] comic relief
[c] denouncement
[d] interlude
[e] suspense

18. The principal female character in a novel is called a/an
[a] actress
[b] clown
[c] hero
[d] heroine
[e] villain

19. A Poem telling of spending deeds of a hero is
[a] a ballad
[b] a lampoon
[c] an epic
[d] a parody
[e] a sonnet

20. The major features of a play are
[a] acts and scenes
[b] chapters and paragraphs
[c] characterization
[d] metres and rhythms
[e] stanza and verse

21. One of the main aim of a did active literary work is to
[a] laugh at the society
[b] make people laugh
[c] show man’s weakness
[d] teach a moral lesson

22. A poem which portrays a simple rural life of the common people is called
[a] a carol
[b] a lyric
[c] an epic
[d] an ode
[e] a pastoral

23. The expression ‘He is a living dead’ is an example of
[a] antithesis
[b] imagery
[c] oxymoron
[d] paradox
[e] personification

24. The counsel for the accused addressed the bench.The underlined is an example of
[a] a seat
[b] metaphor
[c] metonymy
[d] onomatopoeia
[e] oxymoron

25. A sonnet may be divided into an octave and a/an
[a] a couplet
[b] octave
[c] quatrain
[d] Sestet
[e] tercel

26. In drama, the clown
[a] creates confusion
[b] creates hatred
[c] creates humour
[d] generates horror
[e] identifies with the hero

27. Pick out the odd item
[a] ballad
[b] hyperbole
[c] metaphor
[d] pun
[e] simile

28. A protagonist who has a disastrous end is a
[a] comic character
[b] flat character
[c] round character
[d] tragedy
[e] tragic hero

29. Romantic poetry deals with
[a] beauty
[b] conquest
[c] kingdom
[d] marriage
[e] nature

30. The anxiety of the reader to know of the subsequent developments in a novel is known as
[a] conflict
[b] Fiction
[c] Love
[d] Surprise
[e] Suspense

How to Pass JAMB 2020 Literature in English Questions

  1. Get prepared for the Exam using JAMB Literature in English syllabus and recommended textbooks
  2. Pray always for the forthcoming exams
  3. Be punctual to the exam venue
  4. Follow the instruction given in the exams
  5. Believe in yourself

9 Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB.

Are you preparing to Register for JAMB and you do not know Reasons why Students Fail JAMB?

The Joint Administration and matriculation board(JAMB) has remain not only the major exams body in Nigeria, but also one of the major means of gaining admission into any of the Nigerian tertiary institutions. In order to remain on the safe side, there are certain things which every student could do to emerge successfully in the exams.  I bet you, if any candidates can avoid common mistakes attributed to jamb, then success could be theirs.

Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB

Here are 9 reasons why students fail Jamb

  1. Failure to make use of the syllables

Jamb have been a veritable tool in the hand of students seeking admission into higher institution. Research has shown that 90 percent of those that excel in Jamb are those who study the syllables comprehensively.

We strongly recommend all candidates to have a take a look at the syllabus for every subject they registered. Pay attention to the subjects you’re anticipated to master and let it guide your studies. This way, you’ll spend no time reading things which are irrelevant to the examination.

Many students have recorded successes in their UME exams because of the adamant study of the syllable.

  1. Lack of Self-confidence.

This is a major factor that make candidates end up being a failure. If you have confidence in yourself, there is no way you will fail Jamb. Forget about what people say about Jamb. If I could pass Jamb and gain admission into my school of choice, why won’t you do the same with confidence?

  1. Failure to stick to JAMB Brochure:

The syllables has been a helpful tool, but many students have dispute the facts that the brochure is another veritable tool for which students can  use to scale through the hurdles of jamb. Students preparing for UME have neglected the study of the brochure.  Some register to study a course blindly which may not be offered by their choice university.

Candidates are advised to study the brochure carefully before filling the jamb online registration slip. This will also be a guide on a way to fill the Jamb utility form, help you in making perfect preference of the courses you are intellectually suited.

  1. Lack of good study habits

The word student only comes from the word study. You may follow the brochure and strictly adhere to the registration processes of Jamb, but the truth remains that academic excellent solely depend on serious study of your texts books and other recommended books in the syllables.

The ultimate thing to do while preparing for UME exams is to study. A good number of student give the excuse of being so busy, hitherto they can’t study. No matter the tight schedule of a candidate, it is advisable for a candidate to create time for effective studies.  It will also be advantageous for a candidate to enroll in extra-moral classes.

  1. Late Registration of JAMB

Time waits for no man- is a popular adage. Tick says the clock tick tick is another adage.  The fact that Jamb offers enough time for its registration is not a ground for candidates to register late for the exams.  Procrastinating to register on time has caused a whole lot of failure in JAMB UME examinations. This may include: Candidates are given unconducive/unequipped centers. Some are slated for rural areas for the exams and guess what! These can cause candidates to fail.

  1. Lack of Speed:

Candidates who apply speed speed in the exams do emerge successfully. JAMB UME examination is not an exams for babies, but for matured minds who are ready to face the other world of the university. The examiners give a very limited time of about 40 minutes. However, this time waits for no, man as it ticks every seconds.

Don’t forget that:

The time assigned goes very fast and stops automatically for everyone. Whether you came to the exams venue late. Intelligent students fail Jamb not because they are not intelligent, but because they are not fast.

  1. Failure to arrive at the exams venue early

It was once reported that there was a girl, tall and intelligent that cried in her exam day. All her tears was in vain, all her please was wasted as the invigilator was so tenacious in his decision. Futher findings revealed that she was the best in her secondary school who made history by recording 9A’s in the west African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE ), but on that faithful day she was late to her UME exams. That was how she failed JAMB.

It is so obvious that many candidates are seen doing some print out on their exams day and this warrant their lateness to exams. It is advisable for candidates to do all necessary things prior to the day of their exams.  If your exams center is in a long distance or in another state, try to be there at least a day before and get to know your center.

  1. Computer illiteracy

Computer illiteracy is a major factor that causes candidates to emerge as a failure. This is a computer age where computer and other computer related devices are easily accessed, yet computer illiteracy still rocks among young school leavers. Since 2014, Jamb had progressed from the rostrum of PPT to the rostrum of CBT which made way for the utilization of computers for the exams. It is appealing that many candidates still cannot operate this computers during exams and thereby failure comes in. It is advisable for candidates to undergo Computer Base Training before the day of their exams.

  1. Incomplete exam materials

Incomplete exam materials has posed a lot of problem to many candidates. The exams day is like an injury period which a simple mistake can hurt for life. Before departing for the exams hall check out for your materials such as Jamb print out, Passports etc. Read the necessary instructions and adhere to it. Where you are to bring a colour print-out please don’t bring a black and white print out.

Your 2020/2021 JAMB Questions and Answers on Literature in English is right here…

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