How to Block Someone on Your Facebook Page

I have obtained a great deal ask for instructions on how to block someone from following you on the Facebook page. It’s not all that tough, yet you need to recognize exactly what to search for.

Although I urge Facebook individuals to attempt approaches aside from obstructing initially, in some cases, it’s required to block somebody from following your Facebook Web page.

block someone on your page

If the individual is tracking you online or literally and also you feel intimidated. In this circumstance, it is essential to restrict their access to your details.

If the individual or web page is uploading profane or undesirable product on your Facebook web page. This might consist of points with sex-related parts, hate-filled messages, or points that make you feel intimidated.

Facebook, like Twitter, focuses on different accounts that have been completely outlawed (much more on that particular terms later on). They will often flag the prohibited account so just take this action if genuinely required.

How to Block Someone From Following You on Facebook Page

KEEP IN MIND: These are instructions works for a web page, except an individual account. I will certainly share those instructions in a later message if needed.

STEP 1: Login to your FB web page and also browse into your Admin panel. This will turn up when you log in to your web page. Click the SEE LIKES panel (pink arrowhead in the screenshot listed below).


STEP 2: Scroll down the checklist until you discover the upsetting individual or web page. You will certainly see a tiny light gray X close to the MAKE ADMIN alternative. Click the X and also select ‘OKAY’ to eliminate them from the web page or click package alongside RESTRICTION PERMANENTLY. If you choose ‘OKAY’, they will certainly no more obtain updates from your web page.


However, they will certainly have the alternative to find back and also LIKE your web page once more. If you’re managing a stalker, I suggest you prohibit them entirely.

If it’s simply an inflammation, like publishing advertisements on your web page, begin with eliminating them. After that, if they do not obtain the tip and also LIKE your web page once more, you could take the extra action of prohibiting them entirely.

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