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Do you know that Amazon has an app store? Are you a frequent user of the Amazon app store? Do you know the purpose for which the Amazon app store was created? All you need to know about the Amazon app store will be provided for you in this article.

We are familiar with the Google play store and Apple play store and what it is used for. The Amazon app store is similar in function to the Google play store and the Apple play store.

What is the Amazon App Store?

The Amazon app store is the application package store for Amazon‘s Fire operating system. Amazon’s Fire OS is used on all Amazon’s Fire tablets.

What is the function of the Amazon app store?

The app store was created to provide official apps for Amazon’s Fire tablets just like we use Google play store when we want to download apps on Android devices and the Apple play store is used to download apps for Apple devices.


When was the app store released?

The date for the initial release of the Amazon app store was March 22, 2011. At the time the app store was opened it was made available in close to 200 countries.

What operating systems does the Amazon app store work on?

The app store is for the android operating system operated by, Fire operating system, Windows 11, and Blackberry 10.3.

What applications are available on the Amazon app store?

As at October 2019, the Amazon app store had over 480,000 applications on its platform available for download.

There are several popular applications that the Google play store and the Apple play store provides that is also available to users of the Amazon app store.

However some applications like WhatsApp, Messenger Lite, Boomerang or Layout are not offered by the Amazon app store.

Growth of the app store over the years

At the time of its launch in 2011, the app store had about 3800 applications on its platform. It grew to about 80,000 applications by June, 2013.

In March of that same year Amazon brought a new innovation, Amazon coins. The Amazon coins was launched by Amazon to pay for applications and in-app purchases of applications on the Amazon app store.

By June 2014 the number of applications grew to 240,000 applications and by June the following year it had reached close to 334,000 applications.

Partnerships of Amazon play store

When the first Amazon Fire tablet was released on September 28, 2011 it relied on the Amazon app store as the marketplace for its application.

Amazon entered into a partnership with Blackberry which allowed Blackberry users to have access to the Amazon app store.

This was announced by Blackberry on June 18, 2014. Another partnership that Amazon had was with Microsoft, which allowed Microsoft 11 users have access to the Amazon app store to download apps from the platform on Microsoft devices. This was announced by Microsoft on June 24, 2021.

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