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Do you wish to stream your favorite programs and shows on your TV? Then Amazon Fire Sticks brings the answer you have been seeking!

You can now say goodbye to the pains of trying to stream your favourite TV shows,sporting events and movies from Netflix,Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime,etc as the Amazon Fire TV stick provides the ideal platform that allows you stream with ease

The Amazon Fire TV stick can be described as a media streaming device that aids the streaming of all your favorite programs in a way that is easy to navigate.

On these page we will walking you through simple steps on how to get your Amazon Fire stick channels started and all you need to know about the Amazon Fire stick remote ,app and the  Amazon Fire stick 4k. Let’s get the journey started!

Amazon Fire TV Stick – What is it all about

The Amazon Fire Stick helps you stream and play music on your TV, making your TV more smarter! Built on an Android operational mode, the Amazon Fire stick brings it’s magic into your living room ,making it more smarter and more virtual.

That’s not all,It allows you install  android apps, and even play games. Pretty interesting right! Let’s take a look at how to get Amazon Fire stick set up.


How to Set up Amazon Fire Stick 

Setting up your Amazon Fire stick is quite simple . Let’s walk through it together.

First you will need  a functional TV and your Amazon fire stick package . Now unpack the contents from the Amazon package box. You will need to link  your device to the TV via a the micro USB adapter that’s will be connected from your device to the TV.

After that,finding the HDMI ports on the TV is the next step. Most TVs have the HDMI ports at the back or sides and sometimes could have an indication showing a spot for the HDMI cable.

At this point,you can now turn on the TV. Check for the port which you plugged the Amazon Fire stick device and select it on the TV . Then you pair the Amazon fire stick remote to your TV. After this done,you will need to long press the enter button on the Amazon remote and make selections.

Since that Amazon fire stick runs with an Android configuration,you will need to run it through it’s configuration.

Once at these point,you are almost done with the Amazon fire stick set up. Next,sign into your Amazon account and install your streaming services apps and voila you can now use your streaming service

What kind of TV do I need to use an Amazon Fire stick?

TV with HDMI ports are suitable for Amazon fire sticks as you will be needing HDMI ports to link the Amazon fire stick remote device to your TV

The Different Types of Amazon Fire Sticks 

There are different types of Amazon fire stick  and they include

  • Fire Tv stick Lite – allows for basic streaming of shows and programs in HD
  • Amazon Fire stick 4k- Here,programs a,shows,movies,etc can be streamed with a 4k Ultra HD feature  and it supports Dolby vision. So you can get amazing clear pictured and sounds whilst streaming.
  • Amazon Fire Stick 4k Max –  Just like the 4k Fire stick but it allows for bonuses and Wi- Fi connection

Is there a monthly fee for using the Amazon Fire Stick?

When using the Amazon Fire stick, there is no monthly cost . Once the Amazon fire stick is purchased,you can use it without any subscription,however,you will need to subscribe certain apps and channels showing on the Fire stick
Need more information about the Amazon Fire stick channels, apps and remote? Then bookmark these page and get notified once there is an update.

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