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Amazon Gift Cards – Are you a regular shopper on Amazon? Do you want to know more about Amazon gift cards and what you can use them for? Then you are on the right page!

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are prepaid gift cards that have a specified amount of money on it and it can be use to purchase any good or service provided by Amazon.

Amazon gift cards are issued by a limited liability company based in Washington called ACI Gift Cards LLC.

What can you buy with Amazon gift cards?

You can use your gift card for the purchase of any good or service deemed eligible by Amazon provided by Services LLC or any of its affiliated stores.

You can use it to renew your Amazon prime subscription or to buy books on Amazon Kindle, you can also use it to buy items on any of Amazon’s stores like purchasing groceries through Amazon fresh and whole foods market.

You can also use your Amazon gift card at any physical Amazon store to pay for products in the store. Amazon gift cards can be used to purchase virtually everything that is available on but you cannot use a gift card to purchase another gift card and you cannot use an Amazon gift card to pay for your magazine, newspaper or blogs subscription on Kindle.


How do you redeem Amazon gift cards?

Whenever you receive an Amazon gift card, before you can use it to pay for any good or service you have to add it to your Amazon account. Redeeming a gift card is pretty straightforward, you can do that using the following steps:

  • First log into your Amazon account an click on gift card icon which is at the top of the page
  • Then after you are directed to the gift card page, select the option “Redeem Amazon gift card”
  • After selecting the “redeem Amazon gift card” option, a text box will appear for you to type in the claim code of the gift card. If it is a physical gift card the claim code is located at the back of the gift card but for an Amazon e-gift card the claim code will be included in the email the the gift card came.
  • After inputting the claim code click on the “apply to your balance” button below the text box

Do Amazon gift cards expire?

No, one of the unique benefits of an Amazon gift card that makes it better than other gift cards is that it has no expiry date unlike other gift cards. Once you have added the gift card to your account it remains there and if you do not want to use it immediately you can choose the “keep gift card balance” option on the gift card page. 

The only expiry date on an Amazon gift card is before it is added to your Amazon account. Some gift cards have a 10 year validity period while in some countries it is lesser like in India, the validity period for an Amazon gift card before it is added to your account is 1 year.

You can find the validity period that pertains to your location in the terms and conditions on the gift card page


Amazon gift cards are available as e-cards or physical cards and they can be used for virtually every good and service offered by Amazon both online and at their physical stores and one benefit is that there is no expiry date once you have added it to your account.

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