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Have you ever heard of the term “Amazon KDP” or “Kindle Direct Publishing”? Are you are of the various benefits of publishing your books on Amazon?

Did you know you can purchase any book with ease from Amazon? Are you an aspiring writer? Do you want to know more about what Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is all about? Then you are on the right page!

You may also be asking, Is KDP Amazon profitable? How does KDP work? which country can use KDP? Is an Amazon KDP account free?

What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing is a self-publishing service. It is the publishing branch of Amazon.

It was established to provide a platform for upcoming writers, bloggers etc to publish their works on a worldwide scale for free. 

When was Amazon KDP founded?

The KDP was founded in November 2007 by Jeff Bezos who is also the founder of Amazon as a publishing arm of Amazon.

According to an Author Earnings’ report in 2018, Amazon has sold over 480 million copies of books of over 20,000 self-published authors through its Amazon Kindle store.


Why Publish with Amazon KDP?

For any aspiring author or content creator this question may be on your mind as you consider where to publish literary content. There are several benefits to self-publishing on KDP

  • First of all it is completely free, you don’t have to pay a cent to upload your books on the Amazon Kindle store
  • You have a wider reach than with traditional publishing. Your content can reach a global audience more easily as the Amazon platform is huge and it is global.
  • As an author you still retain exclusive rights to your books when you publish on Amazon KDP

and finally if the above reasons is not compelling enough for you then this should settle every doubt in your mind;

  • You earn higher royalties publishing with Amazon KDP than with traditional publishing.

How does Amazon KDP work?

Publishing of books on Amazon KDP is pretty straightforward. After creating an account, 

  • You upload your book files on the Amazon platform
  • Then publish on Amazon KDP
  • After publishing, anyone that visits the platform can purchase your book from Amazon and  download it
  • If they want a paperback copy, Amazon KDP will handle that by using print-on-demand technology to print whatever book they want and ship to them, so you see there is extra stress on you to start arranging for publishing or shipping, Amazon takes care of all that. 
  • For every copy of your book that someone purchases, Amazon will pay you royalties for each copy.

It’s pretty straightforward right!

How do I start?

I’m sure after reading all the benefits of Amazon KDP and understanding how it works, you are wondering how to I begin publishing, how do I start? Well to start the first step is to create an account simply visit

You will be required to enter your name, email address, and a secure password to create a KDP account. After creating an account you will require to provide your basic information like your contact details and address, the account you want your royalties to be paid into and your tax information.

You can start making money today from your books, all you need do is to sign up to Amazon KDP and there’s no better time than now!

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