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Amazon UK – Did you know that the United Kingdom is currently the second biggest European market in terms of revenue for Amazon? Did you know that over 87% of UK residents shop at

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All the information you need to know about Amazon UK is provided for you right here, from the year it was launched, to the number of its distribution centers to its net revenue and sales. Let’s begin with a brief introduction of Amazon UK.

About Amazon UK

Over 38 years ago, Jeff Bezos started Amazon, primarily as an online bookshop. Today Amazon is the leading online retail store in the world selling virtually everything. Four years after its launch in the US, Amazon UK was launched in the United Kingdom.

Amazon currently has offices all over the United Kingdom with its Research and Development centers in Cambridge, Edinburgh, and London.

Its corporate office in the UK is located in Manchester and it has over 20 distribution centers (or what it is referred to as fulfillment centers) that is built with the state-of-the-art technology with customer satisfaction in mind all over the UK, it also has several AWS data centers situated in London.

Over the years Amazon has grown to be the preferred choice for customers in the UK and it is currently the top e-commerce store in the UK with future projections stating that it will be leading retail store in the UK by 2026 both online and offline.

Over 25% of the population of UK are expected to shop at Amazon this year and customers are one of the reasons customers give for choosing Amazon as their preferred store is its low prices.


How old is Amazon UK?

Amazon has existed in the UK for 34 years since its launch in the UK in 1988.

Number of Amazon distribution centers

The current number of Amazon distribution centers in the UK as at June 2022 was twenty two (22).

Most popular product sold on

The products that most UK shoppers are currently buying from the Amazon UK website are books and ebooks.

How popular is Amazon in the UK? is currently the biggest online retailer in the UK with about 87% of UK people in the UK shopping at Amazon stores. 

Amazon UK Revenue

According to Amazon statistics for the year 2020, Amazon had a yearly revenue of $26.5 billion, making it its second-largest European market after Germany.

Amazon UK Sales

According to, Amazon UK’s net sales currently stand at $32 billion.

How many people in the UK use Amazon prime?

According to statistics provided by Amazon prime, the number of households in the UK monthly visits 374.2 million that use Amazon prime grew to 10.1 million in 2020. Compared to the statistics of 2015 when it had only 1 million households as subscribers, Amazon prime is believed to be a major competitor with Netflix which as at 2020 had over 15 million subscribers in the UK

Other important figures

  • Number of sellers in Amazon marketplace – 281 thousand sellers 
  • Number of products sold by Amazon in the UK – 600 million
  • Number of employees – 33,765 people

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