Best Loan Companies in Turkey 2023/2024 | Get instant Loan in Turkey

Looking for a fast loan in Turkey? Do you need loans from the best Loan Companies in Turkey? There are several top lending agencies in Turkey that gives out loans to clients.

These popular loan companies in Turkey have different interest rate as well as different criteria for the selection. When applying for a loan in Turkey, you must meet the lending agencies’ loan eligibility in order for your loan to be approved.

The information here on this article gives you the best loan agencies in Turkey, popular banks in Turkey that gives out loans to individuals and Businesses as well as the amount of money to be Loaned.

Before applying for a loan in Turkey, it is advisable to do a search about the lending company and its interest rate.

Best Loan Companies in Turkey

The following are loan agencies in Turkey that issue out loans to clients, the interest rate for each loan companies differs from one another:

  1. StartCredits
  2. Lendigo
  3. Turk Eximbank
  4. Specta
  5. GetCarbon
  6. CreditWest Bank
  7. HSBC
  8. ING
  9. Citi
  10. MasterCard
  11. Allianz
  12. J.P Morgan
  13. Deutsche Bank
  14. Ziraat Bankası
  15. Garanti BBVA.
  16. İş Bankası
  17. AKBank.
  18. Yapı Kredi Bankası
  19. VakıfBank.
  20. DenizBank.


Banks in Turkey that gives out loans

You can apply for loans in the following banks in Turkey:

  1. Ziraat Bank
  2. IsBank
  3. Garanti Bank
  4. AkBank
  5. Yapi ve Kredi Bank
  6. HalkBank
  7. Vakifbank
  8. Turk Ekonomi Bankasi (TEB)
  9. QNB Finansbank
  10. DenizBank

How much can be Loaned in Turkey

In Turkey, most lending agencies are prepared to go up to 70% loan-to-value – very few will lend more, and some limit loans to 65%. They also, mostly, have a minimum loan size around the $75,000 mark (it makes appr. €67,500, but you’ll have to get used to prices in dollars in Turkey), though some are prepared to lend less.

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