Business in Akwa Ibom State

Welcome to Business in Akwa Ibom State. Today, I will love to bring to your notice about businesses available in Akwa Ibom state. In recent days, thousands of people are trooping into Akwa Ibom to start businesses so that is why I have to give you insight of the type of businesses you can run in Akwa Ibom state to yield a very huge profits.

Best Businesses in Akwa Ibom State

Business in Akwa Ibom State

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As of today, the rate of businesses in akwa ibom is increasing rapidly. The state has grown to a greater height with so many business opportunities for investor . So this post is going to answer questions Base on this categories of:

business opportunities in Akwa Ibom?

investment opportunities in Akwa Ibom state ?

what are the business opportunities exist in Uyo?

How to make money in Uyo

What are the best businesses to do in Uyo?

How do I start doing business in Akwa Ibom state?

The contents of this post is a an exposure of the business structure in akwa ibom state. All you need to do now is to gather a little capital, look into the list below and pick a choice.

The list of the best businesses in akwa ibom state is listed as below:


This kind of business in akwa ibom state that can yield you a very huge profit. Considering the state increase in population. As  businesses increases in akwa ibom state it has been noticed that many families and even students  are experiencing a huge increase on their daily schedules which makes it difficult for them cook foods at home. Considering that, there is no family that stays a whole day without eating at least one square meal, this makes selling of foodstuffs a lucrative business line to look into. Some staple food such as rice, beans, garri and others seems to be the major staple food of many households. So dealing on those food items will guarantee you of daily income with a huge profit,


This is a very profitable business in akwa ibom state. The categories involved in this very business includes

1. barbing salon

2. beauty salon

3. hair salon. And The best place to setup this kind of business in akwa ibom is

  1. Near schools
  2. Near markets
  3. Open and busy environments
  4. Locating at urban areas


Another business in Akwa Ibom state with a very high consumption rate with huge profit is running a restaurantor eatery(fast food joint). From recent findings, I can summarise that,some people especially bachelors and students prefereating in the restaurant to cooking at home, there are others who donot have many choices other than to eat in the restaurant. Even whenworkers want to eat during their lunch time while in their work place, they will not want drive home just to go and eat but rather, they will have no other choice than to branch a restaurant or eatery to freshen up. Apart from that, some newvisitors to the state always rely on restaurants, hotels and eatery as their kitchen for meals.The major factor that will help you succeed in this business in akwa ibom state is your

choice of location. So do some analysis on where you want to operate from and such places includes:

  1. Crowded places .
  2. Schools arena
  3. Market place
  4. Companies sites
  5. Near industries
  6. Near students/bachelors lounges


Many urgent or first time visitors to Akwa Ibom state everyday for certain purposes always rely on hotels for their accomodation. This may be as a result of their inabilities to complete their aims in one day, so they have to spend their night in the state and probably in a hotel. So, if you have financial capabilities, stop thinking on how to

make money in Uyo. Build standard hotels in the major cities in Akwa

Ibom. The place to build hotels in Akwa Ibom State includes

  1. Uyo
  2. Eket
  3. Ikot Ekpene
  4. Oron .

You will have a huge patronage especially in times of major events such as football, ukapisua festival and other tourist attractions, as well as oil and gas expatriates.

5) farming business :

Many people have turned away from red meat to something more nutritious and with huge health benefits. This has caused the increase in demand for poultry in Akwa Ibom and across the nation. This has made poultry business one of the lucrative business you can invest in. The interesting part about poultry farming is that you don’t need so much capital to start. Your backyard can be a perfect place for you to construct your chicken coop . Birds take between 4 to 6 months to mature when properly fed. So you can be sure of getting back your money with huge profit in short period of months. Poultry business in Nigeria and across the border is one of the most profitable farming businesses in the world. Poultry farmers make a lot of money from their farm and most of this capital is generated through

  1. Sales of eggs
  2. Sales of fowls for meat
  3. Sales of fowl dungs for manure
  4. Sales of chicks to other farmers etc

6) sales of already used materials (O.K):

This a very profitable business not in Akwa Ibom State alone but across the whole Nigeria.These business involves selling of imported foreign already used goods like shoes, clothes, belts, phones, electronics and so many other things imported from other countries. The general benefit of this goods is that there are always very cheap which will attract enough buyers. You can get them by the road sides at a very low price ranging from N50, N100,

N200, N300, N400, N500 and so on. Usually, some clothes and shoes you found in some boutiques are from this O.Ks. Another good thing about this business is that, you don’t actually have to worry about getting a shop, a little

space outside your home can carry you along, or an open space in the market.

Also, people will likely come to your home and get it when you are well known in the business. Actually, all you need now is to get in touch with someone who is already in the business to direct you on where to buy the goods and how to run the business successfully.

7) Laundry business :

Laundry business is one of the most profitable businesses you can invest in Akwa Ibom state, especially in the urban areas. It is a business that guarantee you of a very tangible daily income. All you need to succeed in this business is to get a shop and buy your washing machine, iron, and generator in case of power failure. But You must be determined to work hard because you will definitely have many customers. Your ability to satisfy them and in time will help boost your presence and popularity in the business.

8) photo/ graphics design studio:

This is yet another profitable business in Akwa Ibom sate as many events take place in one day and in each of these events, people take pictures. Also, people take pre-wedding photos, snap pictures in birthday parties and even church occasions. Though some photographers go about with their portable printers, but they can’t help coming to the studio to produce the videos. Also, some banners and billboards we see on the roads are from no other place than the graphics design studio, and these are notices that changes after each occasion. So if your financial stand is strong enough to open any of these studios, then you need not wait.

9) lessons:

Organizing tutorial classes for either students, parents, adults and so on is another way of making money in Akwa

Ibom state. Many parents need personal tutors for their children, and students who wants to write examinations also need people who can make the work easier for them to understand . So you can start thinking in the direction of starting your own tutorial centre so as to make money in exchange of your knowledge.

10) computer centers

This is another business that can fetch you a very huge amount of money on daily, weekly and monthly basis. A lot of people do photocopy, take lessons, print, check results, make research and get their designs from cyber cafes while jambites do apply for jamb CBT training in I.C.T centers

Those were the businesses you can set up in akwa ibom state and make a lot of profit from it.

My advice

Please, before you set up any business in akwa ibom state, endeavor to check the environment on stuffs like: population, business around there, environment, the kind of people living around there, topography of the place, the environmental and climatic condition of the place etc. hope this article was very helpful

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