Can I have two Fiverr accounts? -Multiple Account on Fiverr

Welcome to our page. Today, we will guide you on how to Create two or a Multiple Fiverr account. For the general public asking “Can I have two Fiverr accounts?? there are many issues concerning having two or multiple account on fiverr.

Multiple Account on Fiverr

To own multiple profiles on Fiverr is against the terms of use of the website. However many people are trying to trick the system by registering more than one Fiverr account.

This is often done by using proxies and login via different exclusive IPs to each account. Why people have multiple accounts?

By separating niche gigs into individual profiles you can cater better for individual markets. Also by utilising a niche keyword in the profile username you can maximize your SEO to appear in the search results.


How Multiple Fiverr Accounts Affect sellers’ and Fiverr Reputation?

Obviously, when a person has more than one account from same IP address, it hurts Fiverr both technically and ethically. This leads to management issues which are not compromised either by the brand users or the brand itself. Here are some difficulties Fiverr face with multiple accounts:

1) Payments Errors

When using multiple accounts with the same Paypal, Payoneer or bank accounts, it’s difficult for Fiverr to identify which payment method was associated with the particular Fiverr account. At the end of the day, it can lead to payment errors.

2) Bad User Experience

A seller for having a bad experience with the buyers banned his/ her account can continue producing this substandard service with the alternate account. This not only harms seller’s reputation but also Fiverr reputation as people might assume that this platform doesn’t offer quality stuff.

With the above steps, you are ready to make good use of Fiverr. I hope the above steps were very helpful, kindly share this to your friends on social media.

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