Change Forgotten Facebook Password

Have you ever experienced a forgot password your facebook account? Some people certainly never experienced forgot password facebook account. Maybe we could just make a new facebook account. However, if there are a lot of photo memories on the facebook account or your Facebook account is the account that is very important for you. Of course, you don’t want to lose your facebook account.

How to Change Your Facebook Password1. Please go to the main page of the site

2. Next, please click “Forgotten account?”. Like the image below.

3. Then the display will appear as shown below. Please enter the email address from your facebook account. After that click on the “Search”.

4. Appears the page is “Identify your account” Please select your facebook account and click the “This is my account”.

5. Next, appears the page is “Reset Your Password” Please select “Use my Google account” or “Email me a link to reset my password” After that, click Continue.

6. Next, go to your email account. See email from Facebook, on the email, there is a code that consists of 6 digits. Like the image below.

7. Then enter the code in the “Enter Security Code”. Then click Continue.

8. Then will appear the page Choose a new password. Please enter your new password in that column to the New password, and then click Continue.

9. Finished! You can log in to your facebook account with a new password.

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