Civil Defence (NSCDC) Ranks and Salary| Check Salary Break down

People keep asking about civil defence salary. This question has been asked by so many people who are aspiring to work with civil defense. This article will walk you through on everything you need to know about civil defence salary.

Civil defence salary

What is Nscdc Salary?

Find out the level, and the average salary of an nscdc officer.

LevelRankAnnual Salary
3-5Assistant Cadre₦296,506 – ₦374,259
6Assistant Inspectorate Cadre₦357,385 – ₦411,454
7Inspectorate Cadre₦483,014 – ₦567,065
8Assistant Superintendent Cadre II₦858,956 – ₦986,991
9Assistant Superintendent Cadre I₦939,310 – ₦1,056,416
10Deputy Superintendent Cadre II₦1,012,562 – ₦1,143,539
11Superintendent Cadre II₦1,094,027 – ₦1,252,038
12Chief Superintendent Cadre II₦1,158,172 – ₦1,325,234
13Assistant Commander₦1,225,584 – ₦1,405,449
14Deputy Commander₦1,619,447 – ₦1,825,589
15Chief Commander₦1,759,921 – ₦1,966,281
16Assistant Commandant General₦2,272,288 – ₦2,464,560

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Break down of nscdc salary structure

  1. Assistant Cadre – NGN296,506 – NGN374,259
  2. Assistant Inspectorate Cadre – NGN357,385 – NGN411,454
  3. Inspectorate Cadre – NGN483,014 – NGN567,065
  4. Assistant Superintendent Cadre II – NGN858,956 – NGN986,991
  5. Assistant Superintendent Cadre I – NGN939,310 – NGN1,056,416
  6. Deputy Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,012,562 – NGN1,143,539
  7. Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,094,027 – NGN1,252,038
  8. Chief Superintendent Cadre II – NGN1,158,172 – NGN1,325,234
  9. Assistant Commander – NGN1,225,584 – NGN1,405,449
  10. Deputy Commander – NGN1,619,447 – NGN1,825,589
  11. Chief Commander – NGN1,759,921 – NGN1,966,281
  12. Assistant Commandant General – NGN2,272,288 – NGN2,464,560


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