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Do you know that with Easy loan, you can sit at the comfort of your home and borrow quick cash from Easy loan? If you have been having any financial challenges and you want to get yourself out of it, Easy loan will give you an instant Loan to settle your financial problems.

When applying for an Easy loan, you do not require any physical collateral in order to access a loan facility from Easy loan. The interest rate at which the loan is provided in Easy loan is a bit competitive.

Easy loan has a repayment option that is flexible and you can choose from to make paying back easy. Knowing how to apply for the Easy loan is very important as not to make mistakes or get scammed. You will also need to know what is required of you when applying for an Easy loan.

How to get money from Easy loan

To borrow money on Easy loan, you will need to follow these step by step process carefully to avoid mistakes:

  • Click on Loan icon on the NOWNOW app
  • View and select loan offers
  • Fill in the required customer details
  • Cash is sent directly to your NOWNOW wallet.


How to apply for Easy loan

It is almost the same process when applying for any loan in Nigeria, just follow the process duely:

  1. Create a Profile. Download the app for free, Sign up for an account. and let us get to know you.
  2. Apply for a Loan. Apply and we will instantly. run your credit score and let. machine learning decide. if you qualify.
  3. Get Cash. If you qualify, your cash will be disbursed. within minutes. to your bank account.

Where to download the Easy loan Application

Whatever device you are using, be it an Android phone or any other device, you can download the Easy loan Application on Google play store

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