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Facebook Hidden Friends: Facebook is the world’s largest social media networking site, it has gone through a lot of updates recently. You can now have an amazing experience with Facebook without any worry about your privacy. Under the Facebook privacy options, there are lots of security options which will enable Facebook users to stay secure.

I found many wondering to know the option to Hide Friends list on Facebook from other users or friends. Well. read this article till the end to know how possible that is.

How to Hide Facebook Friends
To be sincere, there is no direct method that can be used to hide your friend list on Facebook; but there is actually an indirect way to stop them from showing up.

So this trick will help you Hide Your Common Friends on Facebook with ease is kept in a much-secured place or a hidden place so many of you might not be aware of it, the trick is explained below;
Log in to Facebook and go to your Friends List

 Now click on the manage option and select Edit Privacy

 You will get a pop up with few options. To Hide Your Friends List on Facebook you need to select “Only Me” option for “Who can see your friends list” setting.

So now no one will be able to see your Friends List on Facebook except you. Kindly share this with your friends so they can also hide their friend list on Facebook.

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