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Are you interested in culinary and catering skill services and wish to know more about free online catering degree programs? Here are free online degree programs on catering that can be enrolled by anyone.

Free online Catering Degree program

Still skeptical how this possible for food and nutrition? we know it can be quite challenging to learn the catering skill online but this program has been designed to suit the needs of its students and answer the challenges online catering may pose as these programs have hands-on practical students are expected to carry out.

Here, we will be exploring different free online catering degree programs 2021 that anyone at any stage whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced can learn from.

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Best Free Online Catering degree Programs 2022

The emergency of innovations in technology has led to the boost of every other sector including the learning sector, now almost anything can be learned online including accessing an online catering degree programme.

These Online degree programs are designed by experienced caterers to aid students to have a grasping the basics of food nutrition, management techniques, market research and survey, home economics, branding, table setting, etc.

There are also videos designed with culinary training that is geared towards giving the enrollee or prospective participants a solid knowledge of catering and culinary.


List of Free Online Catering Degree Programs 2022

Here is the best free online catering degree you can get that is tailored to meet your needs irrespective of if you are a learner, an intermediary, or an advanced cater.

  • Penn Foster Online Catering Program by Penn Foster Career School.
  • Gourmet Cooking and Catering Online Program by Ashworth College
  • Catering 101 Online Classes by Universal Class
  • Cooking and Catering Distance Learning by Stratford Career Institute.
  • Online Catering program by the University of People.
  • Online Catering program by Massachusetts Institute of Technology through Open courseware.
  • Online Catering Classes with the renowned University of Texas.

Are all online catering degree programs free?

Not all online catering degree programs are free. Most online degree programs are paid for especially online degree programs with certification.

What Online courses are similar to Online catering degree programmes?

Other courses are similar to the catering programs and they include hospitality, food hygiene, and catering management. A wide understanding of these courses can prove handy in your career as a Caterer.

What is the duration of online Catering degree programs?

The duration of Online Catering degree programs varies according to the institution or school that conducts the program. However, most Online Catering degree programs have shorter periods than offline catering programs.

We hope this article has been on the Free online Catering Degree program helpful to you. Kindly share with someone who needs this.


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