Free Online Master Degree Program 2022/2023 | List of Fully Funded

Do you ever wonder if you could get an online master’s degree for free in any programme of your choice? Do you intend to further your career and get a master’s degree certificate for free? Then, you are on the right page!

A lot of People are asking, Can I get master’s degree online free? How can I get a masters degree for free?

There are lots of online master’s degree courses where you will be awarded certificates on completion all for free for any duration you intend to choose.

Exciting isn’t it? well, stay with us if you are an undergraduate student or a graduate as we let you into some master’s degree programmes that can be gotten for free online and can help boost your career and get you that promotion you so desire.

This is an opportunity you should not let go of in a hurry because most jobs vacancies online or offline do require master’s degree qualifications as part of their requirements. You can find the list of interesting master’s degree programs online for free.

Benefits of online Master’s degree program 2022

This is what you stand to gain when you register for a free online master’s degree course in 2022

  • A chance to learn at the comfort of your home at a convenient time.
  • Little or no cost at all
  • Lots of flexibility
  • Certificate on completion


  • Facebook Internship Program
  • Google Internship Program
  • UNICEF Internship Program
  • Amazon Internship Program

Are there free online Master’s degree programs?

Wondering if this is for real or just a scam? Do away with the doubts because, in 2022, you will find free online master’s degree courses at little or no cost at all. Here is a list of such universities.

List of Universities Offering Master Degree Programs Online 2022

Some colleges and universities offer free online master’s degree courses.

  • Here is a list of too master’s degree courses you can enroll for free
    Curtis Institute of Music, Master’s of Music
  • University of the People MBA program in management
  • University of the People, Master’s of Education
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media lab’s program in Media Arts and Sciences
  • The University of Alabama, Masters program on Business, Education, and Military
  • The University of Monarch Switzerland, Masters degree in Global management.
  • Unique Citizen University, Master degree in all Entrepreneur and Business courses.
  • Stanford University, Master’s degree in Education and Technology.
  • Ivy League institutes comprise Brown University, Columbia University,  Dartmouth University, Princeton University, Harvard University, and Yale University. The Master’s degrees range from different courses from Education to Business, etc.

Hope we have been able to provide all the information you need on the institutions with free online master’s degree programs. Use the comment section below for Questions.


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