8 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Kindle Owners

This article is written to guide you on Gift Ideas for Kindle Owners. Some of our friends, brothers, uncles, etc love kindle products. On that note, there is a need to know the gift that can really surprise them.

Amazon Kindle devices are known to be well established as the best e-readers available today. They’re so popular that most book lovers already own one. If you’re trying to buy a gift for such a person, that’s so problematic; you can’t give someone a Kindle twice.

Great Gift Ideas for Kindle Owners

Undoubtedly, there are still enough brilliant presents for anyone who already has an Amazon Kindle. We’re going to look at eight great gift ideas for Kindle owners everywhere.

1. Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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For any serious bookworms, a Kindle Unlimited subscription is a no brainer. For a few bucks per month, you can access more than one million ebook titles, thousands of audiobooks, and even well-known magazines like Time, Marie Claire, and BBC Good Food.

And there is no limit to the number of ebooks you can download in a month. For anyone who buys more than a couple of titles in a 30-day period, Kindle Unlimited is a guaranteed money saver.

The selection of ebooks available on Kindle Unlimited varies from country to country. But remember, you can change the country connected to your Kindle account by heading to [Username] > Your Account > Manage Content and Devices > Preferences > Change Your Country/Region.

2. A Kindle Case

Anyone who owns a Kindle also needs a Kindle case. Don’t believe us? Here’s why.

Firstly, Kindle ereaders aren’t cheap. The entry-level model is a shade under $100; the 32GB version of all-new Kindle Oasis is almost three times the price. With that kind of outlay, you don’t want to risk damaging it.

Secondly, Kindle ereaders aren’t something you need to replace every couple of years. I speak from experience when I say that with proper care, they can easily last you for six or more years.

Thirdly, if you spend hours of every day with your head glued in a book, you don’t want scratches and blemishes on the screen. They’ll be distracting and dilute your enjoyment.

There are lots of Kindle cases to choose from. Above, we’ve recommended Amazon’s official case for the Kindle Paperwhite, but there are dozens of third-party versions available, too. Make sure you choose the right case for the model of Kindle that the gift recipient owns.

3. Renegade Concepts Kindle Caddy

It can get a bit tiresome to hold a Kindle in your hand for hours on end. Even if your brain wants to carry on reading, there might come a time when your hands simply give up. It’s especially true if you have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or other hand/wrist-based issues.

The solution is to use a stand for your Kindle. But rather than using a fixed, non-malleable stand, we recommend choosing the Renegade Concepts Kindle Caddy. It’s essentially a small beanie bag with a ridge along the front for the reader to slot their Kindle into.

Because the stand is a beanie bag, you can easily mold it to the correct angle for your eyes, regardless of whether you’re reading at a table, on the sofa, in bed, or even in the bath!


4. iKross LED Clip-On Reading Light

All three of the current generation of Kindles have a backlight. However, the quality of the backlight varies considerably. For example, the backlight on the entry-level Kindle is powered by just four LEDs. The Kindle Paperwhite is powered by five, while the Oasis has a massive 25 LEDs. And some older Kindles don’t have backlights at all.

So, if the person for whom you are buying a gift suffers from poor eyesight and owns a basic Kindle, they might still need a little help to read their device in the dark. That’s where the iKross Reading Light proves useful. It has a clip with a 0.4-inch space, allowing it to connect to your Kindle (or any other tablet). The clip is covered with a silicone mat to make sure it does not damage your Kindle’s screen.

5. IQShield Screen Protector

Not everyone is flush with money. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy an expensive Kindle case or a year-long subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you can still show the book lover in your life that you’re thinking about them by buying a simple Kindle screen protector for less than $10.

We’ve suggested the IQShield model. It has an outer coating to prevent dust, grime, and fingerprints, but it also has a film for reducing glare and a wet-application method to avoid bubbles. Again, just make sure you buy a Kindle screen protector to match the correct Kindle model.

6. An Ebook

It’s possible to send almost any ebook on the Kindle Store as a gift to another person. The only restrictions are free ebooks, pre-ordered ebooks, and subscriptions.

You can send the book via email or via a redeemable, printed code. And you can even specify a future date for Amazon to dispatch the email; the recipient could wake up on their birthday or Christmas morning to find the title waiting for them in their inbox.

To send an ebook as a gift on Amazon, go to the title you want to buy and click on the Buy for others button. You can then choose the delivery method, delivery date, and accompanying message.

7. An Amazon Gift Card

Of course, just because your friend or family member is a bookworm, it doesn’t mean that you have the faintest idea about books, authors, or publishers. That can be challenging when you’re buying a gift—how do you know which books are worth buying? How do you know which titles your loved one has already read?

As a workaround, why not buy an Amazon gift card? You can choose between electronic gift cards and physical gift cards, and Amazon offers gift card designs in 20 different categories. The categories include Christmas, Birthday, Easter, Get Well Soon, New Home, New Baby, and many more.

You can specify how much money you want to add, enter a custom message, and—in the case of electronic cards—specify whether you want a static or animated design.

8. Kindle Oasis

Finally, perhaps you should consider whether the Kindle owner you’re buying for needs a new Kindle? Sure, Kindle ereaders do last for a long time, but Amazon releases updates and refreshes the models regularly. If the person is using a device that’s more than five years old, the performance bump from an upgrade could take their enjoyment to a new level.

The all-new Kindle Oasis, for example, now boasts a seven-inch screen, 32GB of storage, 300PPI resolution, support for audiobooks, an IPX8 waterproof rating, and page turn buttons. It is well worth the money.


The eight gift ideas we’ve looked at in this article should provide plenty of inspiration for anyone who needs to buy a present for a Kindle owner.

From our research so far, we have been able to come out with the above article. I hope at this point you have been able to gather the ideas on Gift Ideas for Kindle Owners. This article is very useful, share it with friends. Enjoy!

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