Gonorrhea Antibiotic resistance and Combating the threat of Antibiotic resistance

Welcome, Today We are going to base our discussion on Gonorrhea Antibiotic resistance and Combating the threat of Antibiotic resistance. There are many gonorrhea antibiotic drugs that are unable to fight the infection. This actually means that the disease is able to develop some resistance structure against many treatments.

Gonorrhea Antibiotic resistance

Gonorrhea has progressively developed resistance to the antibiotic drugs prescribed to treat it. Following the spread of gonococcal fluoroquinolone resistance, the cephalosporin antibiotics have been the foundation of recommended treatment for gonorrhea. The emergence of cephalosporin-resistant gonorrhea would significantly complicate the ability of providers to treat gonorrhea successfully, since we have few antibiotic options left that are simple, well-studied, well-tolerated and highly effective. It is critical to continuously monitor antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeaeand encourage research and development of new treatment regimens.

Gonorrhea Antibiotic resistance

Combating the threat of Antibiotic resistance

To fight this antibiotic resistance, it is taken into consideration that all clinical, epidemiologic, and laboratory results are then sent to the center for disease and Control and used to determine the most effective treatment to recommend for gonorrhea, based on nationwide susceptibility and resistance patterns and trends.

Way Designed to Further Combat the resistant threat

1) Hiring and training state and local public health personnel so they have better tools and systems to respond to emerging threats;
(2) Increasing epidemiological investigations of gonorrhea cases and their sexual and social networks to help local jurisdictions better understand gonorrhea-related transmission dynamics in their area;
(3) Expanding the use of culture beyond male urethritis in STD clinics, so that extragenital specimens and specimens from women with gonorrhea are routinely collected, as well as test-of-cure specimens as needed;
(4) Exploring different ways to expand gonorrhea culture to sexual and social networks, populations, and funded jurisdictions where nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs) without antimicrobial susceptibility testing markers are the current gonorrhea diagnostic testing method;
(5) Establishing Etest capacity as a rapid way to detect susceptibility and resistance until novel rapid molecular tests are in place; and
(6) Rapidly providing lab results on resistance to providers and public health personnel to quickly identify, treat, and stop the spread of resistant gonorrhea strains.

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