Gulder Ultimate Search Channel on GOTV and DSTV 2022/2023 | Channel List

Excited to know about your favorite TV reality show The Gulde Ultimate Search, GUS 2022, and do you desire to know which channel it can be found? well, we have got exciting news for you. The Gulder Ultimate Search, GUS 2022 Channel is now available on DSTV and GOTV.

Gulder Ultimate Search ,GUS channel on GOTV and DSTV

The Gotv and Dstv Channel on Gulder Ultimate Search are back again with lots of excitement and thrills. The show which has been the number one family entertainment reality TV show and a stimulating sensation for the youth is back.

The Show has commenced for the 2022 GUS season 12 with the theme “The Age of the Craftmanship” and an ultimate price of a 50million naira live on Gotv and Dstv Channels.

The TV reality show is in partnership with various bottling companies is now showing alive on your favorite channels such as DSTV, GOTV, and lots of others. Don’t miss the fun and suspense!

Here, we will be letting you in on the GUS reality show channeling on the DSTV and GOTV channels.

How to Activate Gulder Ultimate Search Channel on DSTV and GOTV 2022

This season Gulder Ultimate Search GUS 2022 will be showing the following DSTV channels

  • Africa Magic Showcase(DSTV channel 151)
  • Africa Magic Urban(DSTV channel 153)
  • Africa Magic Family (DSTV channel 154)

The GUS reality TV show will be showing on these channels only Saturdays and Sundays from 8 pm to 9 pm.


Gulder Ultimate Search 2022 on GOTV channel

The GUS 2022 reality show is showing live on GOTV on Africa Magic Family channel 2. The shows start at 8 pm and end at 9 pm, every Saturday and Sunday from October to December when the show is ending.

The Gulder Ultimate Search can also be viewed via your Facebook, Instagram, etc platform. To do that, kindly follow the official Gulder Ultimate Search page and you can gain assess to view the show.

About Gulder Ultimate Search, GUS 2022.

The Gulder Ultimate Search GUS is a TV show designed to test the dexterity teamwork, and resilience of their contestants while engaging their creativity and endurance level.

The show began in 2004, went for a break in 2014, and is now back for its season 12 “Age of the craftmanship’ with Kunle Remi being this season’s taskmaster.

The GUS reality show remains a must-watch for families all over the nation on Channel Gotv and Dstv. Kindly share this post with someone who needs this information.

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