How Do I Download My Instagram Photos? | Download Instagram Photos on Android Today

How Do I Download My Instagram Photos | Download Instagram Photos on Android

 Do you want to figure out how to download Instagram photos on Android and other devices?

This post teaches the step by step guide on how to download your photos from Instagram using Android, iOS and your personal computer. 
So if you’re in search of a guide for downloading your Instagram pictures, this article got you covered.
If you’re Instagram veteran, you might have a collection of photos on your profile. You will be able to view these on the Instagram page.

However, many people want to save them as a backup. Quite fortunately, there are easy ways of saving Instagram photos.

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These procedures will also work for saving the photos of other users. Take a look at the methods given below.

1. Downloading Instagram Photos on Android 

How Do I Download My Instagram Photos | Download Instagram Photos on Android

The process is pretty similar to the last one. All you need to do is open your profile and find out the picture you wish to save. Tap on those three dots and choose Copy Link option for adding it to the clipboard.

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Open the browser and open the download app, press on the text field that will show the option, Paste. Hit download and download the image when it is ready. There will be a prompt at the bottom of the page for opening it.

2. Downloading all Photos at Once

How Do I Download My Instagram Photos | Download Instagram Photos on Android

Log-in to your Instagram profile from your desktop or app. For the app, you tap on the Profile option followed by the options Menu and then Setting.

There you will find the option Data Download. However, for the desktop, you will have to click on profile, then on Settings and tap on the button saying Edit Profile.

The menu will then show the option Choose Privacy and Security. Scroll down and you will find the Data Download header.

Click on the option Request Download. This will take you to request page of Instagram where you will be able to save everything that you posted in your profile.

3. Saving Instagram Photos on iOS

How Do I Download My Instagram Photos | Download Instagram Photos on Android

If you are using iOS, web or Android you will not be able to download your own photos. There are apps that claim that they can do this for you but you need to find the ones that are safe. These are the ones who do not ask for your credentials.

For this, you will have to look for the photo that you wish to download. Tap on the three dots above your post and choose the option Share and then Copy Link.

Go to the browser and open the app, long press the box for pasting the link of your photo. Thereafter, press on the option which says Download.

A few seconds later, there will be button saying Download Image. Tap and as the image opens, choose Save Image option.

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