How do I edit my profile on Fiverr? Step by Step

I will guide you on how to Edit Fiverr Profile. For the general public wondering how to Edit their profile on Fiverr username, there are easy steps to help you do that.

In an online Marketplace like Fiverr, where you can offer tasks and services to various customers, having a good profile is very essential. Your profile page introduces you to other members of the community and having a good one gains the trust of potential buyers. Additionally, buyers tend to trust people with good quality profile pictures than ones without.

Editors use your profile photos when they want to promote a Gig or choose Top rated sellers. Get to know how to edit or change your profile on Fiverr through this easy tutorial.

How to Edit Profile on Fiverr

Take the following steps

  1. Hover the “Profile” tab and select “Settings” located at the top right portion of your Fiverr Homepage.
  2. You may now start editing your profile. This includes your full name, email address, something about you, and profile picture. Once editing is final, click Save at the bottom of the page.

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Things You Need To be familiar with:

  1. The maximum size for profile pictures is up to 1MB. Format should be in gif, png, or jpeg.
  2. You can adjust other settings in your profile. You may opt to receive weekly digests by ticking the checkbox.
  3. Under Edit profile, you may also change password. Simply type in new password then confirm it. Click Save.

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