How Do I See Who Follows Me On Facebook

If you have allowed people to follow you, you can see your fans by clicking the number next to Followed by in the About box on your timeline? It does not expose the overall list of fans. I have more than 100 fans nevertheless by clicking the number next to a fan by about box on my timeline simply 2-3 names appear.

There are three approaches to see your fans … You can click this Facebook link which takes you to your fans: … or You can go to your “activity log” noted below your Cover image and click “fans” on the list left wing.

Or you can click “friends” noted below your Cover image, and fans need to expose at the top of the page.

How Do I See Who Follows Me on Facebook?
Follow action by action showed in the images:

>>> Go to your Profile and click Friends, when the tab open click More, from there click Fans (Considerable )

Facebook Followers

Now you will see your Fans.

Facebook Followers

However if we can not see the Followers choice, its the factor you did not make it possible for Fans choice in our Profile.

If not, simply follow the image below.

Facebook Followers
  • Go leading right of your Fb account, click Settings.
  • Scroll down to Followers, click it.
  • Now you will see Fan settings of your Fb profile.
  • If you do not permit your Fan Option, do as I marked on the image.


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