How Do I Unlike All Pages on Facebook at Once – Unlike Pages

How Do I Unlike All Pages on Facebook at Once? There are many people on facebook Looking for a way to Unlike all Liked Pages on Facebook at once. Are you one of them? This the right page for that. Keep reading.

How Do I Unlike All Pages on Facebook at Once- Unlike Pages

How Do I Unlike All Pages on Facebook at Once

Do you want to Make your Facebook account new or start all over again? Or is your feed getting much weirder and weirder? And the only way to get started is to unlike all liked pages on Facebook but how can you do that at once?

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Facebook is a realistic social networking platform, that allows one to make friends, talk mannerly, talk business etc and also make enemies too but at a time, you might take a crucial decision to unlike all pages on Facebook that you previously liked!

At first, I’d believed that there wasn’t any fastest way to unlike Facebook page at once, but after making use of this Chrome extension called Toolkit for FB by plugs, my joy has no boundary!

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How do You Unlike Your Facebook pages

This steps is only meant for those that want to either unlike few of their pages or for those that doesn’t have much pages on their Facebook accounts.

*. Log into your Facebook account and select your name at the top right-hand side of the web page, next to Home

*. Click on the “Activity Log” switch

*. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the link for “Likes” and then select “Webpages and Interests”. This displays a handy list of all of the pages you currently have liked.

*. You will see a little pencil symbol on the right-hand part of the screen.
– Clicking the pencil gives you several options, including “Hidden from Timeline” and “Unlike”.

*. You can choose “Hidden from Timeline” if you would like to continue to follow the page, but you don’t want to see updates from the page mixed in with your other friends’ updates on your timeline.

*. Choose “Unlike” if you would like to stop following the page (this is actually the option you’ll need to choose if you have too many pages “liked”.

Or shortly, log in >> go to PAGES in the left column of your News Feed >> create a Page
>> Pages I like >> You’ll see the list of your liked Pages >> Liked >> Unlike, done, then repeat Liked >> Unlike for the next Page etc.

How to unlike multiple Facebook Page at once

The above step is manually, but with the Facebook Unlike tool, you can basically unlike all your pages at once, on a single click!

Download social media tool kit for Facebook available as chrome extension. It removes around 300 pages in one run. So you will have to re run it a few times depending upon the number of liked pages you have.

*. Firstly, Click HERE to add the extension to Chrome
*. Pop up will appear, tap on Add extension
*. The extension has been added to the right top of Chrome
*. Click on it
*. Now scroll to Removal tools > Unlike multiple and all Facebook pages
*. Your Facebook must be logged in
*. Leave the time interval between requests at 3seconds
*. Select pages to unlike (Manual selection or Select all Pages)
*. Scroll to the bottom and select “Start to Unlike Pages

That is all! Automatically, it will commence the command and within few minutes, you are done!

Functions of Toolkit for FB

These are the list of the functions of Toolkit for FB. It doesn’t only support Facebook unlike pages. Facebook Social Toolkit also allows you to hide last seen on Facebook for Facebook messages. Here the list of functions, Toolkit for FB can also do;

– Unfriend All Friends At Once
– Unfollow All Facebook Friends At Once
– Delete All Comments At Once
– Reject All Friend Requests At Once
– Remove Facebook Page Likes
– Remove All Facebook Groups
– Cancel All Pending Friend Requests
– Facebook ID Extractor
– Invite Your Friends To Like Your Page
– Invite Your Friends To Join Your Group
– Accept All Friend Requests At Once
– Event Invitation Tool
– Send Multiple Friend Requests At once
– Suggest Your Friends To Another Friend
– Facebook Video Downlaoder

And there is the Premium functions;

– Facebook Group Member Tagger
– Facebook Group Transfer
– Post On Multiple Groups At Once
– Post On Own Facebook Pages
– Claim As Group Admin
– Add All Friends As Group Admin
– Group Admin Transfer
– Message All Friends At Once
– Post On Liked Pages
– Join Multiple Groups Using Group Ids
– Extract Facebook Page Fan IDs
– Extract Group Email
– Extract Friends ‘ Emails
– Extract Friend IDs
– Extract Group IDs
– Extract User Likes
– Extract Group Member IDs
– Extract Group Member Emails
– Extract Phone Numbers Of Facebook Friends

I hope at this Juncture, This article, How Do I Unlike All Pages on Facebook at Once, is very helpful to you Kindly share it with friends.

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