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DO you wish to contacte Amazon for a missing package? Are you stuck trying to reach out to the Amazon team  and you are wondering how to communicate with someone at Amazon? or perhaps you keep asking these question how do i send a message to Amazon for help? then these page is designed specially for you., one of the biggest online shopping mall that has vast goods and services ranging from books , music,clothes, toys, kitchen wares to electronic and electronic gadgets and lot more. is known for its efficiency, reliability and quick response however, there are few snags that can be spotted or encountered whilst dealing with the company especially with the online delivery as there could be instances where the wrong item is sent or the delivery is overdue, hence the need to know how to contact and communicate with the Amazon Customer care service unit which serves as a representative of the company.

It is no news that when dealing with  online companies such as the, delivery and shipping, double or delay  payment due to your bank , being sent the wrong item and size,etc could be  major issues,  All  these can be clarified with contacting the Amazon customer care unit.

Here, we will be guiding you through how to contact the Amazon Customer care unit for whatever inquiry you wish to make

How do I Contact Amazon?

Whatever the complain may be weather it is an inquiry about deliveries,or login issues,subscription or accessibility, you can always find that on the Amazon Customer service page.The Customer Service page on Amazon contains “help library” where you can place you questions and inquiry or on specific question.Apart from the ‘help library” on the Amazon help desk,here are simple ways you can reach out to the Amazon customer care unit. You can choose any means most suitable for you.

  •  Initial a Live Chat with an Amazon Customer Representative

On the Amazon Customer service form is an option” something else” or you may see the ” I need help” option which will open a new page where you can chat with an Amazon Representative.

  • Phone Conversation

With 24 hour, 7 days a week service system, you can  contact the Amazon’s customer hot line  using these number 1-888-280-4331 if you could like to place a call to them.

  • Emailing

Emailing is another way of contacting the Amazon, using the Amazon email address [email protected] which would be the most preferred means of contacting and getting a reply from the Amazon team faster

  • Social Media

Amazon can be reached through its social media platforms as it operates a twitter account for its customers under the handle [email protected]


How do i file a complain at Amazon?

One sure way of filing your complains with Amazon is through your state agency. Using the Amazon Pay’s site, you can contact your  state complaint office.

In addition, the Amazon Pay, an online payment processing platform , can be use to file complains about payment transactions you had with Amazon that didn’t go through

Does Amazon have a 24 hour customer service?

Amazon operates a 24/7 schedule which implies it can be accessed any hour of the day. so feel free to send in your inquiries, questions and complaint at any time of the day and be sure to get a response.

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