How to Create Facebook Avatar (Complete Steps)

Do you know how to create a Facebook avatar? Many Facebook users find this feature so interesting. To make your Facebook avatar, there are few things to consider. Once the Facebook avatar is completely active, there are a variety of characters available for you.

As Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world, users find it interesting to create cartoons of themselves. This feature can be used in Messenger and to comment on Facebook posts Facebook profiles, and chats.

Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatar is a feature in form Bitmojis, in which you can reimagine yourself in cartoon form and characters

Steps to Create Facebook Avatar

The following steps  can be used to create a Facebook avatar for cartoons imagine and other features:

  1. log in to your Facebook via Android or iOS app. If you don’t have the app, it’s easy to download from the Google Play Store or Apple’s
  2.  Open the Facebook app menu (tap on the three lines that represent the menu options in the Facebook app)
  3. Select ‘Avatars’
  4. Start creating your Facebook Avatar

Once you’re in the Facebook Avatar section, the remaining process to create your Avatar is a simple case of following the on-screen instructions.

These will prompt you to start with your avatar’s skin tone, then will move onto hairstyle selection.


How to Use Facebook Avatar

The Avatars created can be used in different ways, to offer a little more flourish with how you express yourself on the social network.

1. Use your Facebook Avatar in comments

2. Use Facebook Avatars in Messenger chats

2. Use Facebook Avatars in Profile

You know how to create your own Facebook avatar now? i believe the steps above are very useful, share it with friends.


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