How To Create JAMB Profile 2023/2024 & Verify for UTME Registration (Steps)

How to Create JAMB Profile 2023/2024 with Verification Code- Do you have any idea on Creating a JAMB Profile? Sounds like old news? Well, it may come to you as a surprise that the Registration for 2023 CBT JAMB is ongoing create your profile for JAMB CBT Exams now.

How To Create JAMB Profile

With the changes and adjustments the Joint Admission and Management Board (JAMB) has made, it is henceforth required that candidates who wish to partake in the upcoming JAMB 2023 UTME Exams must create a JAMB Profile.

In the event of this, how to create JAMB profile for registration, this article has been carefully written and designed based on the latest information from JAMB, to enlighten you on the necessary steps and procedures to take before the exam.

Is JAMB Profile 2023 Really Important?

Note: You might be wondering why you need to create a profile for JAMB or you might say that you already have a Profile on the Jamb Portal.

If you already have an existing JAMB Profile, please don’t rush into concluding that you don’t need one because you might be required to create another one for verification purposes, unless otherwise indicated.

A JAMB Profile is an essential Prerequisite for getting the JAMB UTME Profile Code that will be sent to all new Jamb Profile. It is this Jamb Code that will be required of you when you go to the CBT CENTRE for further registration.

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Steps on How To Create JAMB Profile 2023

Because this article is a full package, let me encourage you not to close this page as you create your Jamb efacility Profile. You can take your time to go through it over and over again so that you won’t miss any step.

Grab your seat belts as this article pilots you through these crucial but simple steps.

Step 1: Make Sure you have an active Email Adress ( You should be able to access this account instantly)

Step 2: Visit JAMB efacility at

Step 3: Input your email in the first two spaces provided

There will be a Simple Question and Answers headlines. Try and select questions and the most correct answer, that you will not forget.

Step 4: Proceed to Verify Email”. A link will be sent to your email, login and verify.

Step 5: From the link, procced your Profile creation.

Step 6: Fill in all the details correctly as provided by the form. The details expected from you are:

  • Your surname
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Date of birth (day, month & year),
  • Your phone number
  • Nationality
  • State
  • LGA
  • The password to your profile.

Step 7: Once you are sure of all your information provided, proceed and click on “Sign Up”

Step 8: Yes!!! Your account creation is successful.

Step 9: You can click on “Proceed to Login” to access your new JAMB profile

 Avoiding JAMB Profile Creation Problems

NOTE: Be careful when creating your account. No use of apps such as Opera mini when creating your Profile account for JAMB.

Make use of a computer or laptop to do so. You can as well use your Mobile phone if you so desire.


Hope you enjoyed your ride?? In case you want more updates and packaged information like this, how to create JAMB Profile, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the box below.

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