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Wondering how to do Amazon Shopping or get to shop for the first time on Amazon? Shopping on Amazon can be quite confusing especially if it is your first time. Not to worry, this page got you covered on that.

As a newbie shopping with, it can get quite tiring trying to navigate through the Amazon shopping space.

So on this page, we will be guiding you through frequent questions you may have concerning how to shop on the page with ease and less stress. Alright, let us get started!

Shopping on Amazon- Simple tips to shop like a PRO

Amazon is in the same similitude as a real-life shopping mall or supermarket, just that, unlike your traditional shopping mall, is found in the digital space, with much more variety and options to choose from without you ever leaving your home.

Amazing isn’t it? but it could be quite tactical if it is your first time exploring Amazon online shopping, don’t worry here are simple tips on how to do Amazon Shopping. Now let’s explore it together

  • First, you will need to Sign into your Amazon account. Don’t worry, if you don’t have one, you will need to visit the Amazon page at and create an account using your email mail
  • once you have sign into your account, you will need to choose, a department and then the category you need for example  lets say you need some kitchen items, after logging in , you will need to click on the department, then select ‘home, garden, and tool ” option, then click on the Kitchen category to get kitchen tools and items
  • select any item of interest, go through the information about the product, its specifications, etc and click on the ‘add to cart’ once it meets your desired taste
  • Click the drop-down menu and select QTY  to give how many quantities you need. Review the purchase
  • Move to the Amazon checkout once you are done picking the items you want to buy
  • next, you will need to enter a shipping address, any location the item should be sent to
  • At this point, you will need to choose the payment method you prefer and proceed to fill the needed information.
  •  Now you can place your order and be sure to get in in a few days time.


Do you have to pay to shop on Amazon?

Shopping on Amazon cost absolutely nothing as they have no hidden charges and you need not pay any additional fee apart from the purchases you made on the site.

Is Amazon safe to use?

Shopping online comes with its own downsides however has been able to provide a safe platform for ts users although disabling your Android security to install the Amazon Appstore could be quite risky to Android users

Does Amazon have Cash on Delivery?

On the Amazon platform lies the option to pay for your item on delivery with cash. This is another payment method you could employ when shopping on however it is used for fulfilled by Amazon and some seller-fulfilled items.
In addition, you can redeem your gift card balance if you have one in your account. However, if the amount in your account isn’t enough, you can pay cash for the remaining cost of delivery of the item.
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