How to Download and Install Facebook Gameroom

Social media for all its worth has some amazing features which include gaming platforms. For Facebook, there is the Facebook gameroom which is a PC gaming app that can be found on Facebook.

The gameroom is an entertainment section on Facebook where you can see lots of games that can help you cool off after some intense work on the internet. Facebook games are easily accessible but only on your PC. Most of the games that you can download on google play store can also be found on Facebook gameroom.

Facebook Gameroom – Games Available

One might be curious to know the kind of the games that can be found on Facebook games which is also known as the Facebook gameroom. Most of the games, users can gain access to on play store can also be found here. All the users need to do is to search for the desired game in the search area within www.facebook/gameroom. Which gives you a direct link to Gameroom. Listed below are some of the games that are readily available on the home page of the Facebook gameroom.

  • Candy Crush.
  • Pet rescue saga.
  • FarmVille.
  • Ball pool.
  • Texas Holden poker.
  • Angry birds friends.
  • Motorbike rider.
  • Top 11- Be a football manager. And so on.

For games that are not listed on the homepage, users just need to search for such games on the search area of the website. If the game is available, users can then download and enjoy the game. Note that game can only be played within the facebook Gameroom App.

How to Download and Install Facebook Gameroom

First off the Facebook gameroom is only downloadable on PCs. However, the PC must have an operating system of Windows 7 or any other operating systems above the windows 7. Not considering this fact makes lots of Facebook users feel that it is very difficult to download and install Facebook gameroom but it is very easy to download. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch your internet on your PC with OS windows 7 or any other above windows 7.
  2. Visit with a web browser.
  3. Click on download gameroom or free install.

After the download and installation have been done, the Facebook gameroom will automatically collate all the free games and they will appear in your gameroom app. It is worthy of note that the app can not be downloaded on Linus and Mac PCs for now. This app is only available on Windows OS.

Note that the games on the Facebook Gameroom can only be played on the platform. You should also note that this app is not yet available for Linus and Mac PC users, Facebook are still working on developing a version that will work perfectly for these PCs.

Hope you found this useful. Do come back again please.

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