How to Get Ecobank Loan 2022/2023 | USSD code, Requirements & Steps

One of the Important offers from Ecobank is a loan. If you’re ready to collect a loan from Ecobank, you are on the right track. To learn more about loans in  EcoBank, read the details below.

Ecobank loan

A lot of people are seeking an opportunity to get a loan in order to start or boost their business. I recommend any loan from Ecobank for you. The details on how to get an Ecobank loan are provided here.

A lot of people are also searching for Ecobank instant loans and USSD codes for keystone online loan offers.

With just a few approaches and requirements customers can collect loans and payback at ease. If you’re among those that need the offer from Ecobank follow the instructions below.

Requirements for Ecobank loan 2022/2023

The following are needed to be eligible for the loan:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Credit checks
  • BVN with an active bank account
  • Copy of Employment ID and valid means of identification
  • Other requirements will be made known at the bank

Types of Loan from Ecobank

There are various types of Loan offered by the bank, these are:

  • Personal Loan: Personal Loan is an all-purpose loan, offering you flexible repayment plans and the option to access additional funds after repayment over time.
  • Auto Loan / Asset Acquisition:Auto Loan or Asset Acquisition can help you make your dreams of purchasing a new vehicle or generator a reality, by offering you up to 90% of the cost of the asset
  • Advance Facility: For people with unexpected financial needs. Advance Facility allows you to get fast access to up to 50% of your net monthly salary
  • Mortgage Loan: Help towards buying or renovating a new home
  • Travel Loan: Travel Loan offers you a simpler way to manage your vacation expenses
  • Salary Advance: Help to get you to payday
  • Cash Backed Loan: It helps to Access funds without breaking into savings.

How to get the loan at Ecobank

The steps below are used to collect a loan from the bank:

  • Visit any nearby Ecobank
  • The application depends on the type of loan needed.
  • Get all the required forms
  • Complete and submit the application form.

or  documents for your enterprise via [email protected]

Procedures to Payback the loan

Once the offer is given to you, all the conditions on how to refund the money will be stated and given to you at the bank branch.


Conclusion: It is a nice idea thinking of getting a loan from any bank, but there should be an appropriate plan for proper usage and refund of the money with the agreed interest.

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If there any questions about the Ecobank loan, use the comments section below. Also, feel free to share this article with your family and friends on social media such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

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