How to hide who you followers on Facebook

How to hide who you followers on Facebook

I have discovered a method to conceal those which I follow on Facebook. Intriguing right? I would certainly show and you would love to discover ways to do that too. If you are, after that you remain in good luck! I’ll show to you simply exactly how you could make that occur.

Hide facebook

How to Hide Who You Follow on Facebook
STEP 1. After you’re visited, click the “Friends” tab.

Facebook Friends

STEP 2. Click on the little “pencil switch” situated at the top right of your friend’s timeline next to the “Find Friends” switch. Select “Edit Personal privacy” from the list of options.

Facebook Privacy

STEP 3. On the “Complying with” area, choose “Just Me” from the drop-down selection.
 And you’re done!
These actions will certainly make sure that no person within your link would certainly recognize that you only adhered to. Since you have discovered this strategy, you will not ever before need to fret about accepting a person as well as allowing your buddies to learn about it. 

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