How to make money on Amazon without Selling

Do you desire to know ways to make money, especially on Amazon? Do you find it hard to sell products and wish to know if you can make money without having to sell on Amazon? Then you are on the right page!

Selling can be quite tedious especially when it does come easy to you as it the case of many introvert. Well,you don’t need to be scared of being broke anymore just because your selling skills are poor. Amazon presents simple ways to make money on its platform without having to sell anything,do you want to find out more? Then keep reading!

As evolution enters into the technology market and the technology industry gets bigger and bigger, Making money online gets easier and better by the day with the platform, you can be sure of having a variety of ways to make money without much stress and from the comfort of your home.

10 Simple Ways on How to Make Money on Amazon.

Now let’s examine simple ways to can make money on Amazon without selling a product.

1. Affiliate Marketing – With Affiliate marketing on Amazon you don’t need to sell any product online. It presents you the opportunity to make money with easy via recommending other people’s product. Interesting isn’t it!

All you need to do is find a product in the Amazon product category that appease to your audience and advert to them. Once a purchase is made using your link,you are given a certain commission on the sale you just made. These program makes it easier to make money without having a product of your own.

2. Amazon Handmade

–  Amazon presents a unique offer which is the Amazon Handmade platform. So if you are an artisan with an amazing craft and would like to showcase it online,using the Amazon Handmade platform makes it’s easier for you.

Now you can create your unique URL and get customers find your skills and product. You only get to pay a 15% percent referral fee of your total sells.


3. Amazon Merch

These package offers you the opportunity to showcase your artistry and creativity. All you need is to make a design on any product such as t-shirts,hoodies,etc while Amazon takes care of its shipping and packaging.

4. Kindle Direct Publishing

– These category speaks more to writer. So good news if you are a writer! You can now get your books published with easy on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing with 70% royalty on sales you make.

So if you are needing to know how to make money on Amazon without an investment,then the Amazon Kindle book publishing is what you need. You can also get hard copies print of your books.

5. Fulfillment by Amazon

–  Not as popular as the other packages on the Amazon platform yet the Fulfillment platform by Amazon provides an excellent method of earning money on Amazon. You can place your product on the Amazon Marketplace  and Amazon gets the product to the customer when it is ordered.

In addition, using the Amazon Fulfillment platform,you can make money using private label sales or white labelling or brand creation as it provides tools that makes it easier to sell your branded products. Having your Private label involves producing a pre- existing product and giving it your branding and logos.

6. Retail Arbitrage

– Retail Arbitrage is simply taking advantage of discounts on some products and selling it at a much better price on the  Amazon platform.

Amazing isn’t it!  You can make easy money without having a product,but maximizing the use of coupons,clearance deals,discounts sales,promo sells,etc, on several products

7. Freelancing  Amazon Sellers

It is no news how stressful selling can be and alot of seller which to have their online business expanded and have more visibility rate- now that’s where you come in! Too

You could advert your online skill- graphic designs, photography,etc to Amazon online sellers for a certain fee. Platforms such as Fiverr can aid with your freelancing career on the Amazon platform

8. Sell Wholesale on Amazon –   

Quite competitive as majority of the Amazon online sellers sells wholesale on Amazon using the Amazon FBA network as it is quite lucrative.Wholesaling involves buying product in large quantity at low prices

9. Working for Amazon as. Representative 

The Amazon platform one of the biggest online shopping platform also stands as one of the largest employers with an estimated 650000 employees and the good thing about these is most of its employees work remotely. Wholesaling involves buying product in large quantity at low prices.

10. Amazon’s Trade- In Program

Using the Amazon trade-in program you can be able to trade Amazon gift cards and get something of more value . With a wide variety of items to choose ,the Amazon trade-in for most people is as good as money for. Using these option, you can get as much as 25% of the initial retail product that you are trading in for.

As the Amazon platform grows,more incentive and opportunities to make money emerges.

Need more information and exciting updates on how to make money on Amazon without selling products,then bookmark and drop your comments  below.

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