How To Post Items For Sale on Facebook

Post Items for Sales on Facebook Selling Groups. Facebook is an online multimedia social platform of which you can easily start a small business of buying and selling on. Yes, this is indeed a great social media for catching a lot of fun but there is no harm in getting some money. After all, money is actually all that matters right? Facebook groups are usually a collection of people drawn together by the same purpose so everybody on any Facebook Selling Groups is has a motive to either buy or sell something.

How To Post Items For Sale on Facebook

Why Use Facebook Selling Groups?

In case you have not noticed Facebook groups have the ability to have up to one million members of which can contribute to the group by posting themselves. Now each new post added to the group will send an instant notification to all the members of the group. Imagine that much power (saying something and a lot of people have already heard It in as little as five minutes.

Facebook selling groups no doubt has the same benefits and the moment you post an item for sale, you are sure to receive a reply in less than a day with individuals telling you they are interested in your item or not. Also, another benefit from these groups is that you can also find items to buy for yourself too.

Creating a Facebook Account – Facebook Selling Groups

Creating a Facebook account is one of the best things that have ever happened to be and the most exciting part is that it is entirely free. To create a Facebook account;
Go to the official Facebook website at
From the website, click on the sign up button which you are likely to find while scrolling down the page.
From the new page you are redirected to, add your desired username, password and some others more into the required fields.
Click on the ”continue” or “next” icon depending on your device.
Now add your contact information and verify it using the means you are told to.
Follow the instructions given to you and complete the account creation process.

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Congratulations, after successfully completing the above steps, you have a Facebook account. However you have to bear in mind while creating the account to keep your password and username in your head or a safe place before completing the step as you will be asked to provide these when you want to login in the future.

Login your Facebook Account – Facebook Selling Groups

Like I said, you will want to keep your Facebook username and password in your head. This is because you will want to log out of your Facebook account to keep utmost security. However if you are logged out and you have problems logging in;
Go to the official Facebook site at
On the webpage, locate and enter your login credential into the fields where required.
Click on the login button and wait a few minutes.

If you added your login credential correctly, you will be automatically logged in to your account.
Facebook Forgot Password – Facebook selling Groups

If you totally forgot your Facebook password, there are some procedures you can undertake to help you recover it back. To recover your Facebook password;
Go to the official Facebook website.
Click on the forgotten password link. You will find this link around the login section.
Add your contact address you used in creating the account to find your account.
Click on your account and follow the procedures given to you afterwards.

That is it for recovering your Facebook password.
Join Facebook Selling Groups

There is currently only one known way of joining Facebook group. To do this;
Go to the official Facebook website.
Click on the search bar and search for the term “buy” or “sell” or “buy and sell”. With these searches, you are sure to find some selling groups.
Now either Click on the group to visit it or on the join icon close to the group to join the group.

That is it for joining Facebook selling groups.
Post Items for Sales on Facebook Selling Groups

This is very easy, all you have to do is grab an internet enabled device and;
Go to the official Facebook website.
Now click on the group you wish to post your items for sale.
Click on the post box usually titled “write something here”.
Add the price of your item and a short description.
Add some photos to describe the photos better.

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