How to prepare for WAEC 2020/2021 Mathematics

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It is a well-known condition that most students have a phobia for Mathematics Examination. Generally, it is believed that there is no problem without a solution, it all hangs on how to discover the solution. But so far you know what is the problem, the solution must always be found. Mathematics generally is an interesting and simple subject to get  “A” grade easily if and only if you believe it. There are so many things that make student to fell mathematics Examination, which by mentioning these will lead to your preparation of WAEC Mathematics to 2020.

  • Fear: Some students just have this inborn fear for mathematics, not that the subject is difficult but because of the fear, they just develop a hatred for it whenever they hear the name mathematics. For you to prepare well for WAEC Examination 2019, you must believe that if you take the bull by the horns, then you can do. In essence, what I’m I saying? You don’t have to hate the subject.



I like relating mathematics to games that you play either in your phone or with your friend, you notice every game is designed with Instructions, once you fail to obey a particular instruction at any level, you lost the game to start again until you obey the Instruction at that point. At time you beat your hand on the chest that you must pass that very level by taking pain and be patient to start the game from the beginning to where you failed it just to make sure you have succeeded the level, if you can do that for game that is just for a pleasure, then I can compare that to mathematics. I can bet you with my sincerity that if you have the same attitude you do for a game, then also toward mathematics, the sky will be your starting point.

  •   What did you discover from the simple illustration between the game and the mathematics? If you understand that illustration, you will find love and passion, patience and interest(target) the same is applicable to mathematics. For you to pass mathematics Examination, you need the above three elements. In mathematics, you must love it in order to give you the courage to learn it, you need the patience to get to the answer even when you miss it, you need to start all over again just to achieve the expected answer, without patience you can not do this.
  • Pride  If you must prepare to pass WAEC Examination 2019, then you must leave pride or bury pride. Can you detect what I am trying to mean?  Check out this, sometimes in the class, you might not understand something from your teacher but from your colleague that does understand better from the teacher, if you are full of pride, you will not be able to go to your colleague just to learn from him or her, make those you know they are good in mathematics your friend, after all when you learning from them, it becomes your own forever, they can not get it back from you. if you don’t have pride, definitely you can learn from your colleague perfectly.
  • Frequent practice:

How often do you solve mathematics? Mathematics need constant practice, not because you know how to solve a particular mathematical problem, you abandon it when you know you are into Examination period, as a student who is preparing for WAEC Examination 2019, you at least solve mathematics problems in a day. In and everyday you pratice mathematics questions try and increase the your speed and acuatecy, how? See how you can sovle a particular mathematics problem in a very short time with no mistake, that is how to increase in speed and acuratecy.

  • Dont be in coarse with your tutor: To prepare for WAEC Mathematic Examimation 2019,  you dont need to be in dislike with the teacher teaching you, becuase if this happen, you will not learn anything from the teacher. Notice there are teachers that you learn from them by asking questions and they will answer you, by so doing you can learn. Dont always claim you know more than a teacher because you will limit yourself in the sense that the teacher will feel you know it when you dont actuall know.
  • Exra Math classes:

Preparing for WAEC Examination 2020, you need extra(lesson) classe, this is done after your main school. Why I recommence extra class,  it is noticed that at a time, some teacher can not finished up with syllabus before the commencement of the Exam. But if a student has some other place to learn from, he or she can cover up everything before the Exam commence.

Just like every other WAEC Examination subject, WAEC Mathematics Examination is categorized into three main parts, the Senior Secondary one(SS1) syllabus work, the Senior Secondary two (SS2) syllabus work, and the Senior Secondary three (SS3) syllabus work. For a student to say that he or she has fully prepared for the coming WAEC Mathematics Examination, he must get it down to dissect it from the Senior Secondary one (SS1) syllabus work to the very Senior Secondary three(SS3) syllabus work. Do not leave any topic untouch because you dont know where the Examiner will take his question from! Make sure you are acqainted with all pass questions. WAEC set qestions accross these three sections undisputely, so any student who fails to get it all round the three sections is bound to have difficulty in the Exam hall.

  • Examination Hall Technique: Mathematics Exam has its own way of revealing itself in Exam hall. WAEC Mathematics Exam is divided in to two main parts which are Objective part and theory part called it part one and part two. Generally, in all Exams, it is adviced to tackle well known questions first before others, what do I mean by that? It means you should sovle the questions that are very simple and very farmiliar to you befor going for those ones you will need to think before attempting it, with this, it will help keep you in the side than waiting time on those one you thinking while time is going. After solving those well known qestions, it will boast your morale that you have done something than been fraustrated with the unfarmiliar questions when you have simple ones to deal with first. In answering objective questions like the ones involving Equations, you dont need to waste your time solving it in the normal proceedure, you just need to carry those options test it in the place of unknown, say it (2x+3y = 13) in the question, definately one of the options will give you the answer (13) and that is the right option, this is really simpler than the normal way. You can learn this simple techniqes(short cuts) in extra classes not in the your normal school.

Conclusively: a student need to solve as many as different mathematics problems so as to come accross new challenging questions and to mentaining speed and acuratecy. If this article is useful to you please kindly share it with friends through any platform below and use the comment box for any question.

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