How To Read and Pass English Language in WAEC 2021/2022

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The English Language is one of the compulsory subjects in the WAEC Examination, the reason is that the subject plays a good part in the level of communication both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Like every other subject in WAEC Examinations, the English Language has its own procedure to give the EXaminer what actually they demanded of you in the exam.

How to Pass English Language in WAEC 2021


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To read and pass English Language in WAEC 2021 does not come with an idea that you can read and write English, it is far beyond that. WAEC Language is trying to test the basic understanding of English Language and to correct the errors in the language.

I have done research on this Examination to see what is really demanded to know in this subject in order to pass the Examination very well. To read and pass the WAEC English Examination depends on the few techniques which I will be sporting out here.

1. In WAEC English; you must learn your part of speech, Tenses, word power(vocabulary), rules of Concord, and also learn how to write Essay very well. If you survey the Examination pattern then, you will agree with me about the points I have listed above.

2. Some students don’t understand that a particular word can be manipulated to serve as a noun, adjective, and verb or even more. This problem is solved when you learn your part of speech very well.

3. After knowing these areas in the EXam, you can now look into main parts which the Exam is been presented, the WAEC English Examination always comes in these part; objectives, lexical, and structure, phonetic(Oral part) and the Essay part.

4. Part one is always concerned with word power or vocabulary and Tenses which I mentioned earlier. Now the question is how do you improve or increase your word power and tenses?

5. It is very simple to do it, all you need to do is developing an interest of reading books( like novels),  newspapers and listening to news with your Dictionary intact, by so doing you will come across new words which will help you to know synonym and antonym and how they are used in a sentence of which all these form part one WAEC English Examination.

6. Lexical and structure parts can be tackled with the use of past question papers of different years. For you to flow well in lexical and structure, you must be acquainted with the rule of concord effectively.

7. Rules of Concord really form this part of the examination, you can not do well with this part if you have not done justice to the Concord.

8. Phonetic(Oral part), forms one-quarter part of the mark in WAEC Examination (that is 15 marks), of course, you can not afford to lose a whole lot of 15 marks in this section, though sometimes this parts could be a bit stressful, then you need to work hard toward. If you study phonetic elements alongside with your Dictionary, then your 15 marks is sure in this part.

9. Essay writing involves a lot of the Examination, it carries the Highest mark in this Exam, as the matter fact, it comprises the other part of exam combined together to test your ability in the level of English Language. First of all, what do you understand by Essay Writing in WAEC Examination? Essay writing is an organized set of information writing to show the description of something or pass information across.

It could be letter writing or article like what you are reading now. This Essay writing has a principle of which it is guided, for you to pass WAEC English language, must you must study how to write Essay very well. There are different kind of Essay writing which are Descriptive Essay, Expository Essay, Narrative Essay etc, all of these have different ways of maintaining the quality of the writing.

Essay writing has parts that must be recognized when writing, introduction, main body n conclusion. Each of these parts carries their own score, you must always take note of this.

Letter writing in the Essay, test the student’s ability to write a letter. You must take note of a different kind of letter writing as this has different principles. Formal letter writing and informal letter writing cannot be the same in the principles, so there is no way to miss or disobey the rule in presenting any of these, you are losing marks.

To read and pass the English Language in WAEC’

there is, this salient point that one may ignore but it is very neccessary in passing WAEC English Examination, this is your spellings and your hand writing.

You must learn how to write Elegibly, that makes your hand writing very nice and readable so that who so ever marking your script can read and appreciate what you write.

Dont be surprised that some handwriting could be annoying to EXaminer.

Work out your spelling and punctuations, in writing an Essay, without good handwriting, correct spelling, and good use of punctuation, you can never score high in this part.

In conclusion, you need a good teacher in this subject to put you through as you are preparing for this Exam.

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