How to record Facebook video calls on Android, iOS or iPhone, PC and Windows Etc

How to record Facebook video calls on Android, iOS or iPhone, PC and Windows phones.

This article will vividly explain Facebook video recording.

How to record Facebook video calls on Android, iOS or iPhone, PC and Windows

Unlike traditional call method, to record Facebook video calls on iOS, Android or any other device is an easy process in the sense that you will only be required to take a few steps which needs a one time settings.Facebook is one of the most popular social media across the Internet use by most business men and women to bust their business traffic.

Apart from Facebook, Skype messenger is the next in line which with its help, users can send messages, photos, music and videos to their friends online directly.So because of it’s popularity, Facebook has integrated a video call function to attract more users, and make it more lively.

However, since this function was out, many people now wonder on how to record Facebook video calls on Windows or other devices for their further use as a prove of their conversation.Yes you can record a Facebook Video chat, but quite unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have recording feature that comes with video chat by default, but luckily, there are several ways to record your calls on Facebook. So just read this with care to learn the best ways on how to record a Facebook video call.

How to Record Facebook Video Calls on Windows

The best solution or way to record Facebook video call is by the use of Facebook Video Call Recorder. Just as it’s name implies, Facebook Video Call Recorderis a program specially designed for Facebook users who makes video chat and wish to record it for further use.One limitation about Video call recorder is that you’re required to install it in your computer before using it.

Then the app allows you to make a screencast on Facebook and save straightaway as files for MP4 and AVI on your computer. You can also use desktop Android Recorder to record the video call.However, even as it has a limitations, it can also record Audio calls too.

Before you start recording a call on Facebook, you first need to customize settings like frame rate, video resolution, aspect ratio, etc, by choosing “Setting” from the menu for “Tools”.Though you have to note that this program is not free and is charged $19.95 to exclude the trial limitation. For iOS users who wish to record Facebook video calls, give all thanks to a program named Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder.

How to Record Video with Facebook Messenger

Here’s how you can record and send a video clip to any of your Facebook contacts via Facebook Messenger:

  1. Turn on your Android smartphone.
  2. To go to the apps list, tap the menu icon.
  3. From the available apps list, locate and tap the Messenger app icon to launch the app.
  4. Once the app’s interface opens up, tap the View Contacts button
  5. On the next interface, ensure that you are on the MESSENGER tab.
  6. Select the desired contact from the PEOPLE WITH MESSENGER list.
  7. Once the target user is selected, tap the Camera icon from the bottom.
  8. On the Hold send button for video, tap for photo box at the bottom, tap and hold the Send button.

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