How to Score A’s in WAEC 2020/2021 | Best Steps to follow

You are ready to know How to Score A’s in WAEC 2020/2021.  Are you aiming at scoring A’s in all subjects in WAEC 2020/2021, Answer 2020 WAEC Questions, Pass WAEC 2020. It is the dream of every WAEC candidate to pass their WAEC examination with A’s in one sitting. However, this has not been so for most of them. Scoring A’s in WAEC 2020/2021 will be very easy if you can read this article to the end.

Like we often advise, I’ll like to say again “When you prepare for your WAEC examination in the right way, something will happen. Ask me what?, your examination comes looking for your trouble and you blast it once with A’s“.

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Today, I will be guiding you on How to Score A’s in WAEC 2020/2021. If you are sitting for Waec 2020, then this is the best guide you require to pass your upcoming Waec examination. Whether you have sat and failed WAEC in the past or you are planning to write your first Waec examination in 2019, this article will definitely help you to Score A’s in WAEC 2020.

How to Score A’s in WAEC 2020/2021

The following steps will help you to pass WAEC

1.Realize you are sitting for WAEC in 2020

Once you have realized that you’ll be writing Waec  2020, there is no turning back again. With this, you will be able to push on whatever happens.

  1. Tell yourself, “I want Score A’s in WAEC 2020”.
  2. Don’t follow the crowd, neglect negative attitude and stay positive.

Some people will say to  you it is difficult to pass Waec without cheating, others will tell you Waec is very difficult to pass. However, if you want to Score A’s in WAEC 2020, you have to neglect these sayings.


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2. Forget about Waec expo or runz

If at this time you are still thinking of passing Waec 2020 with expo, I’m sorry, this article is not for you. If however, you are thinking about how to pass Waec 2020 with straight A’s without expo, let’s get going.

3. Understand how Waec set their questions:

If you understand how Waec set their questions, your next Waec examination is definitely becoming easier for you. The question is, “How can I know and understand how Waec set their questions?“. Simple, check the past Waec questions!. You’ll get to understand how Waec question is usually prepared.

4. Make sure you read for Waec 2020 in the right way

Reading for Waec is quite different from reading forany other exams including  your school examination. If you don’t prepare for Waec 2019 using the right methods, you will fail Waec. I don’t mean to scare you but that is just the fact. How can I read for Waec 2019 and pass? The articles below will help you.

If you have lost your interest in reading, read this article to help you regain and boost your interest in reading.

Did I tell you that you can still fail Waec 2019 despite studying hard? You think it is impossible? Read my article on “Reasons Why Students Fail Waec Despite Studying Hard“, so that you won’t fall victim of that.

  1. Try and Make use of recommended WAEC textbooks for your study
  2. Always ask question on what you don’t know or what you find difficult.
  3. Prepare a Waec reading time-table for yourself and stick to it.
  4. Start early preparation now.

You don’t need to wait till Waec is very close until you start reading. The earlier, the better.Work on your handwriting if you don’t have a good handwriting. It is very important.

5. Discover your weaknesses and work on them.

How can I discover my weak point? Simple, take practice Waec test repeatedly from Waec past questions. You’ll get to know the subject(s) that you miss most marks often. Work more on improving on your weak points, but don’t neglect your staring points totally.

  1. Try and Solve Past questions very well.
  2. Use the study technique that works best for you.
  3. Read extensively and cover all the topics in Waec syllabus.
  4. Eliminate examination fear so that it doesn’t eliminate you.

There is nothing that kills more during Waec examination than fear. It will make you write the wrong thing even though you know it. That is whether it is unconditional and important to eliminate it. Read my our guides on waec.

6. Develop Group Study Habit.

However, you own personal reading matters most, so spend more quality time on personal study. Group reading will help you to realize how far you are.Work on your speed, BUT don’t neglect accuracy also Pray to God.

All these I have listed above are the ways to prepare for Waec 2020 and pass without cheating. However, there are some 5 important things you must do on your examination day so that your preparation won’t be in vain. See them below

  1. Answer the questions the right way, don’t write out of point. Go straight to your answer and avoid unnecessary delay.
  2. Take note of units (especially in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics)
  3. Feel free to ask Waec invigilators any question when you are confused.
  4. Always follow instructions given to you(this is one of the terrible mistakes students make during Waec, See other terrible mistakes you must avoid here)
  5. Write eligibly in the exam hall

I hope by reading this “How to Score A’s in WAEC 2020/2021” article and following it properly, you will confidently read and pass your upcoming Waec 2020 examination with ease. Feel free to share it with your friends using the share buttons below.

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