How To Score very high in JAMB 2020/2021 Using Android CBT App

How To Score very high in JAMB 2020/2021 Using Android CBT App

Are you preparing for JAMB 2020/2021 Using android CBT App. Do you have an android phone and you are wondering what can help you to score very high in Jamb 2020? An android CBT App is the answer.  CBT App is an e-learning android application that helps candidates prepare and pass Jamb without too much stress. It offers a comfortable opportunity to help you prepare for your Jamb and come out with the best result. This App makes learning very easy, in such a way that the user interface is well designed to offer great features necessary to enhance your success in Jamb 2020. Remember, before now you must have gotten the basic understanding or the subjects you are going to practice. This is to facilitate you learning.

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The following are unique features of the JAMB 2020/2021 android CBT App:

  1. Unique numerous questions
  2. Excellent text-to-speech technology
  3. Voice control and intelligent personal assistant.
  4. One can literally use one voice to move from one question to another.
  5. It is the most interactive CBT software ever in Nigeria.
  6. It works 100% offline – one do not need to download any other content after installing the app.
  7. 13,400 Questions Available Offline – practice authentic UTME past questions from 23 subjects with explanations
  8. Practice By Topics – gain mastery of any topic by practicing questions from any topic of interest
  9. Practice One Or More Subjects At Once – you can easily take more than one subject at a time.
  10. In Dependence – you can revise the recommended literature with over 350 likely questions
  11. Built-In Calculator – enable the use of built-in calculator to crunch numbers without leaving the exam interface.
  12. Rich Result – help get detailed analysis on how you perform on any exam.
  13. Bookmarks – bookmark any question that you wish to view later.
  14. School Finder – use School Finder to make smarter decision on what school or course to enroll.
  15. All Subject Dictionary – help get definition of terms from all major subjects with 92,000 terms offline.
  16. Decide Everything – easily change the number of questions, exam year, exam time, exam mode and username.
  17. No Subscription Fee – once activated, forever activated for all subjects!

Considering the above listed special features, it is obvious that the  Jamb 2020/2021 android CBT application is worth downloading.  It has been launched on google playstore and It is the best jamb application, so far available for candidates.

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