How to Synchronize Facebook Contacts on Android – Synchronize Contacts On Mobile

How to Synchronize Facebook Contacts on Android – Synchronize Contacts On Mobile

How to Sync Facebook Contacts on Android - Synchronize Contacts On Mobile

Since your Android phone is now your communication center and Android allows all type of contacts to be integrated and synced with your mobile phone.

Months back, Facebook Contacts Sync on Android phones used to be relatively easy until the Facebook team transformed their API which made it virtually difficult, in this guide, we’re simply going to inform you about how easy it is to sync your Facebook contact on android phones

How to Synchronize Facebook Contacts on Android – Synchronize Contacts On Mobile

Guide 1

To start with, if you do not currently have the official Facebook application installed on your Android phone, you should download it from the Play Store and also install it. When you launch the application, it will instantly ask you to sync all your Facebook contacts with your existing phone contacts and also in a bit (photos may spend some time to download and install) you will certainly begin seeing your contact. As easy as that simply download and sync

Guide 2

If you don’t have the Sync option active in your Accounts & and not found in Sync settings you might need to download a third-party application to sync your Facebook contacts with your Android phone. There are numerous applications to use you can try out UberSync

But the restriction to this is that Facebook has actually transformed how syncing works, it is only possible to sync contacts who also make use of, or used the UberSync application (or various other syncing apps like it).

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Guide 3

If you currently have the Facebook application set up but missed the syncing action, you can still sync your contacts with your Facebook contacts from your Android phone’s setups menu. Follow these procedure.

From your android device go to Settings and look for Accounts & Sync. If you have installed the main Facebook app, it should reflect under Accounts & Sync in addition to various other services like Google and Skype and so on.

Select Facebook from the Accounts options as well as touch the Sync Contactsalternative and afterwards Sync Now. So follow this on your android phones Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync > Facebook > Sync Contacts > Sync Currently.

Once done, if you are connected to the internet, your Android phone will download information from your Facebook calls and also combine it with your existing contacts.

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That’s it, your contact synchronization has been completed.

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