How To Unfriend Friends On Facebook – How To Block Someone On Facebook – Do People Know When You Unfriend Them On Facebook?

How To Unfriend Friends On Facebook – How To Block Someone On Facebook – Do People Know When You Unfriend Them On Facebook?

On this article today I am going to be writing about how we can unfriend people on Facebook. To unfriend people on Facebook or ‘unfriending people on Facebook’ rather is not a topic you hear about often. Personally, at first, I thought it to be quite unusual for a Facebook user to want to unfriend people on Facebook. This is because the main purpose why many Facebook users make use of the platform is to connect and communicate with friends and family. Another reason here why people join the Facebook community is to make friends both at home and abroad.

unfriend people on facebook

Come to think of it, if someone joins a platform to make friends and of course other reasons, what possibly will make that same person to want to unfriend the same people he or she was so eager to meet in the first place? This question will take us to our next topic which is why would someone want to unfriend people on Facebook.

Unfriend People on Facebook

Unfriend People on Facebook – Reasons Why

Why would someone, a Facebook user want to unfriend people on Facebook? Funny enough these people that are about to be unfriended where once friends. They chat, like and comment on each other’s post. Well most of them may not be all that friendly. Some Facebook friends in time can become annoying and overreaching. You might feel been stalked on by other Facebook users in your friend list. Personally, relationships with some of my friends on Facebook have become estranged. The fire that was once there has been cooled off. The next course of action here is to unfriend them.

How to Unfriend People on Facebook

‘Unfriending people on Facebook’ is not that difficult as most people would anticipate. It doesn’t mean once you log in to your Facebook account you will just find it there on your Facebook page. There are steps to follow to successfully unfriend people on Facebook. Below are some few tips to follow in order to successfully unfriend people on Facebook.

  1. Log in to Facebook account via the web on your PC. While through the app on your mobile device.
  2. Enter into the person’s profile you want to unfriend.
  3. Click on the arrow next to the friend’s tab. This is right under the persons cover photo.
  4. Select the unfriend tab on the drop-down menu.

With this action, you have successfully unfriended a friend on Facebook. Note that you cannot unfriend a person on Facebook if you are not a registered user of the Facebook community. So therefore for you to be able to make use of this Facebook feature and you are not yet a registered user create a Facebook account today at the official Facebook website.

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