How to View Pokes On Facebook

How Do I View Pokes on Facebook-Poke on Facebook. Welcome, you want to know how to view pokes on Facebook

A recent redesign on Facebook has changed the look and feel of the user start page on the social networking site. Some of the changes, the ticker for instance, have mostly received negative feedback from users of the social networking sites.

Many smaller more subtle changes have also been introduced in recent times. The Pokes feature for instance has been removed from the homepage. It was previously displayed on the right side of the Facebook page. And while it is still possible to poke users with a click on the “more” button on their profile page, there is no real visible option anymore to look at the received pokes.

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How To View Pokes on Facebook

For those who do not know: Pokes are a basic way of saying “hi” without actually having to type anything. It is an option to express affection and interest in a person.

Here is a screenshot that highlights where you find the poke option on old Facebook profiles.

facebook old profile poke

And here is a screenshot where it can be found on new Facebook Timeline profiles.

facebook timeline poke

The pokes page on the other hand is not displayed anymore on the profiles page or any other page by default. Let me explain to you how you can get it back to your news feed page on Facebook and all other pages of your Facebook profile. Take a look at the following screenshot to see where the Pokes link will be added to on your profile page.

facebook pokes

All you need to do is to visit the Pokes page on Facebook. When you do that the Pokes link will automatically be added to the sidebar menu. It is displayed under the Apps category afterwards.

You can alternatively right-click it and select Add To Favorites from the menu to add it to the Favorites listing at the top of the page.

Another alternative is to bookmark the pokes page directly to open it whenever you need to look at the pokes that you have received in the past.

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