How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook

I will show you how to wish yourself happy birthday in this post. Birthday is a beautiful thing as it is something that happens once in a year in a man’s life. Different people have different ways of celebrating and wishing themselves well on their birthday.

To some, there is nothing absolute to celebrate or rejoice about on their birthday.  The truth is, no matter what, being alive is enough reason to be grateful to God for another birthday.

Really want to wish yourself a happy birthday on Facebook but don’t know how to start? You can start by making a post on your social media, wishing yourself a happy birthday.

In this post, I will guide you on how to wish yourself a Happy Birthday on Facebook and also some sample birthday messages you could post.

How to Wish Myself Happy Birthday on Facebook

Tips on Writing Your Birthday Wishes

The following will prove themselves fruitful on your birthday:

1. Your birthday wishes on Facebook should reflect on the past, appreciate the present or envisage the future.

2. Appreciate your family and friends, and all those you feel have contributed immensely to your growth.

Tips on Preparing a Picture

1. Take a picture. You can choose to go to the studio to take a good picture. However, whether you choose to go to the studio or not, ensure the picture you are uploading is a recent picture.

2. It is not a must to use your own picture. You can alternatively choose to use a picture that depicts the message you want to pass across. It could be a motivational picture.

3. Your picture should depict joy and something your family, friends, and well-wishers can relate to.

Publishing Your Birthday Post

After you have prepared a good post and a good picture, the next thing to do is to login into your Facebook account, write the post on your timeline, and upload the picture that you have decided to use.

The post should be the description of the picture. Also, ensure to make the post as early as possible so people can see it on time.

Hope this helps.

Happy birthday.

Sample Birthday Messages to use on Facebook

Below are a few sample birthday messages that you can choose to post on Facebook.

1. It feels good to be older. Happy birthday to the awesome person that lives in me! You are just amazing!

2. The best thing about every birthday is they always come up with a better version of me every year. I love to be me!

3. Everything hurts except loving yourself. The best thing you can be is being a friend to yourself. Happy birthday to myself!

4. The best guide for you is the voice lives inside of you. Happy birthday to myself! I’m always proud to be me.

5. One more beautiful year has passed in the journey of knowing myself. Life is awesome, so am I.

6. I’m mature enough to realize that I’m still a child. Happy birthday to myself. Still a long way to go!

7. The more birthdays I have in my life, the more deeply I fall in love with myself. Who said numbers don’t matter?

8. One more year have been successfully completed. Its happy birthday to me today. God bless me!

9. Today is the most important day of my life. And I’m going to celebrate it accordingly. Happy birthday to me.

10. My journey so far in life has been amazing, and I want to thank God for that. Happy birthday to me.

11. Yay! It’s my birthday once again! Wishing me, myself and I a memorable birthday full of the Lord’s blessings. Happy birthday to me.

12. Today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life. Happy birthday to me.

13. I will put a smile on my face and won’t let the troubles of life get me down because it’s my birthday today. A very happy birthday to me.

It’s my birthday! And by God, I shall celebrate and party like tomorrow never exists. Thank you, God.

14. I’m such an awesome person that it’s hard for anyone not to recognize it – even me! Happy birthday to me.

15. Wishing myself the happiest of birthdays. On this special day, I just want to thank you God for the priceless gift of life that He has given me and for the wonderful people He has put in my life.

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