How to write a Cover letter

How to write a Cover letter

A cover letter is another important section of your application document. It gives you an opportunity to explain, to your employer, why you are the best candidate for the job. It also serves as a complement to your resume. It should not be more than a page: covering minimum of three and maximum of five short paragraphs. Before you start any writing, consider the requirement in the job application. This will guide you in the process; the following steps are applied in this process.

  1. Start by adding your contact details/address: The contact detail gives the employer all the information about you. It can be written at the top, right hand side of your application page or at the left where the address of the company will follow below. Ensure that it is properly indented. Example

Christopher John

170 Stadium Road

St. Peter’s Parish

[email protected]

Novermber 20,2018

  1. Write the address of the company: The address of the company you are applying to, comes immediately after your contact address. Locate this at the left hand side of your page immediately after your address. Example:

Christopher John

170 Stadium Road

St. Peter’s Parish

[email protected]

Novermber 20,2018


Ms. Samuel Victor


First Bank of Nigeria

140 Hospital Road

  1. Address your letter to the person you are writing to. If you are very sure of the person your letter is going to, specify the person in your address, but if not, make it inclusive.
  2. The body of the letter: The body of the letter includes all the information needed to convince your employer, It is divided into paragraphs.


First paragraph: The first paragraph should outline your aim of writing the letter. Describe the job or position you are applying for and show the manager that you are not only familiar with the company’s work but you are a good fit by writing the letter. Make sure you state where you found the position to which you are applying. Finally, the first paragraph should be engaging with a strong declarative statement.

Second paragraph: At this point explain why you are best fit for the job, what attracted you and what you can offer when you have the job.

Third paragraph: Give relevant experience in that field and explain how the experience will help. Relate your capabilities with the requirement outlined in the job posting. Provide information and academic achievement and work experience, avoid being vague, and do not waste space writing about skills that are not required, but briefly summarize your strength, qualification and experience in that job.

Final paragraph: This section of your letter brings your writing to conclusion. Ending your letter of application on the right note is very essential. Show your interest in the note and indicate your desire for personal interview. Thank the employer and say how you are looking forward to receiving a feed back.

Conclusion: conclude your letter officially and write your full name underneath. Example:

Yours faithfully,

Christopher john


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