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Do you know that as a citizen of Afghanistan keeping abreast with the updated income tax rate gives you financial edge over the financial market in the country. Are you are an international expert or foreigner working in Afghanistan, then you must be aware of the Afghanistan tax bracket and Income tax rates for each year?

to know more about the Afghanistan income tax rate, you must keep track of the changes in the PAYE tax bracket from year to year in Afghanistan as this could affect your gross economic income and expenditure greatly.

What is withholding tax in Afghanistan? Does Afghanistan have VAT? How much should I pay in taxes 2022? What are the new tax rates for 2022? Do you pay tax in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan income tax bracket rates is very important that you note when changes so that you can adjust to the economic situation in the country.

Here, we will be taking you on a journey as we take a critical look at some frequently asked questions on the Income Tax rate or bracket in Afghanistan 2022 and all you need to know about the taxation system in Afghanistan. let’s proceed!

Afghanistan Income Tax rate 2022.

Afghanistan’s economy can be considered one of the striving economies in the world that has one of the highest rates of employed international ex-pats and foreigners working there.

  • Personal Income Tax Rate 20.%
  • Corporate Tax Rate 20.%
  • Sales Tax Rate 10.%

Does Afghanistan have VAT?

Afghanistan’s Value Added Tax Law is scheduled to come into force on 21 December 2020 (first day of Jadi 1399). The VAT Law, approved on 13 April 2016 with amendments in 2017, provides for a standard VAT rate of 10% with a registration threshold of AFN 150 million turnover per annum


What is withholding tax in Afghanistan?

Payments for providing goods and services under contracts to state institutions and private entities are subject to a 2% withholding tax (7% for firms without an AISA business licence)

Afghanistan is an economic flourishing nation with lots of booming economic activity. Need more information and updates? Kindly bookmark this page and drop a comment below.

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