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The income tax rate in Andorra! Are you in search of information on the income tax rate in Andorra?

People are asking, Is Andorra still a tax haven? Do people in Andorra pay taxes? Why does Andorra have low taxes? Which European country has the lowest income tax?

Here in this article, we will discuss the total tax rate in Andorra, Andorra sales tax rate, the income tax rate in Andorra, and lot more.

tax levied against people or organizations (taxpayers) in relation to their income or profits is known as an income tax (commonly called taxable income). Tax rates multiplied by taxable income are typically used to calculate income taxes. Tax rates can change depending on the taxpayer’s characteristics and type of income.

The 2023 Personal income tax rate in Andorra

Personal income tax in Andorra is imposed at a general rate of 10% of income. There is 0% under the threshold of 24,000 euros of annual income and 5% for the range between 24,000 and 40,000 euros of annual income


Do people in Andorra pay taxes?

Personal income is one of the taxes in Andorra condisered more reasonable than in other countries. Individuals with an annual income of over €24,000 are subject to this tax. Lower incomes are not liable. Incomes of €24,000 to €40,000 are taxed at 5%, while incomes above €40,000 per year are taxed at 10%

Why does Andorra have low taxes?

A very competitive corporate tax in Europe

Since the Principality wants to be the most attractive for foreign capital, it has a reduced taxation. This is the main reason the official corporate taxation in Andorra is one of the most favorable rate available in Europe.

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