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Are you aware of the income tax rate in Angola? International ex-patt or foreigner in Angola must be aware of the tax bracket and income tax rates for each year. This is to help keep track of the changes in tax rate from year to year so that you can keep your spending in check.

The personal, corporate, outstanding, and sales  income tax rates in Angola could be affected by the inflation rate in the economic system in Angola. These tax bracket changes are measured by the consumer price index which also changes yearly. The Angola tax brackets for 2023 have been recently updated.

You may also be asking: What is the tax rate in Angola? Do expats pay tax in Angola? Is Angola tax free? Which country has highest tax on income?

In this article, you will get to know the newly updated Angolan tax brackets and income tax rates for 2022,  how the tax rate in Angola works, Angola’s VAT rate,  as well as other Frequently asked questions on 2023 personal income tax.

Latest Income Tax Rate in Angola 2023

Wondering if taxes are high in Angola! No, at all. Angola has one of the lowest tax rates in the world. With a very robust economy, it’s the government doesn’t need to place many taxes on the people.

  • Personal Income Tax Rate 17%.00 -25.0%
    Corporate Tax Rate 30.0- 25%
    Social Security Rate For Employees 3.0%
    Social Security Rate For Companies 8.0%
    Social Security Rate 11.00


Corporate Tax rats in Angola 2023

However, it is wise to know the corporate tax rate is progressive in Angola and is presently at 25%.

Do expats pay tax in Angola?

Only locally earned income is subject to tax, regardless of whether expats are considered residents for tax purposes or not. This means that foreigners do not have to pay tax on money earned outside of Angola, even if they live there permanently

Angola has a very friendly income tax rate both for individuals, international expats, and corporate organizations. Need more information about taxes and their rates in Angola? Then bookmark this page for more.

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