Income tax rate in Brazil 2022 & income tax calculator

Are you wondering what the income tax rate in Brazil is like? As an international ex-pat or foreigner who just moved to Brazil for work purposes and is eager to know about the tax income calculator in Brazil, then this page is designed for you. Search no further!

Brazilian income tax calculator and Brazilian income tax rate lies as a critical factor in maintaining a healthy economic status in Brazil as it keeps you ahead and helps you make good financial decisions, especially as a citizen of Brazil.

Cooperate organizations and enterprises in Brazil are also expected to pay a corporate income tax at a certain rate stipulated by the Brazilian tax authorities.

On this page, we will be enlightening you on the income tax calculator, Brazil income tax calculator, taxes in Brazil for foreigners, sales tax in Brazil, Brazil tax authority, and lots more. Let’s get started!

Brazilian Income Tax Rate 2022.

Brazil operates a progressive tax rate that changes yearly. Here is the recent update on the 2022 income tax rate in Brazil for individuals, foreigners, and corporate bodies.

Personal income tax rate – 27.5%

Corporate tax rate- 34%

Sales Tax rate – 17%

Brazil Income Tax Calculator 2022.

Brazil income calculator is designed to help individuals living in Brazil both locals and international ex-pats calculate their net income salaries after income taxes have been removed which enables you to effectively calculate and plan your finances effectively.


Taxes in Brazil for Foreigners.

Brazil tax for foreigners and most international working ex-pats are calculated using the Brazil income tax calculator which ranges from 7.5% – to 27.5% on economic salary. However, the tax rate in Brazil is progressive and changes from year to year.

Why are Brazil’s taxes so high?

Since the GDP rate in Brazil is quite low to get simple basic infrastructure, the government of Brazil has made its taxes higher than most countries to enable them effectively run the affairs of the nation. Recently, it is considered one of the countries with the highest tax returns.

How much is import tax in Brazil?

Brazil has a flat rate of 60percent on import goods made by individuals through main and express shipment

Who can pay tax in Brazil?

Wondering who is eligible to pay tax in Brazil? Well, here are the criteria

  • People who live permanently in Brazil
  • Foreigners in Brazil that have stayed a minimum of 183days, not necessarily consecutive
  • You work or own an establishment in Brazil
  • You own properties or assets in Brazil etc
  • Importers and exporters in Brazil.

Are properties taxed in Brazil?

Properties tax in Brazil also called the Imposto Dobre a proprietary pretrial e Territorial Urbana, IPTU for short is paid every year by property owners except otherwise stated.

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