Income tax rate in Egypt 2022 & income tax Calculator

Do you need information on the updated Egypt income tax bracket? Do you know that the Taxation employment income in the Egypt is normally adjusted from year to year? If you aren’t aware, you must note when these tax bracket in Egypt changes so that you can adjust to the economic situation in Egypt.

You may be asking: How does income tax work in Egypt? Do expats pay taxes in Egypt? What kind of taxes does Egypt have? What is the rate of tax on salary?

In this article, you will get to find out what the tax bracket means, the latest updated 2022 Egypt┬ácorporate tax bracket in Egypt, the Egypt tax rate for foreigners, and income tax in the Egypt 2022. We will also attempt several frequently asked questions on tax brackets in Egypt. So let’s get started.

How much is Income Tax in Egypt?

Personal Income Tax Rate25.0025.00percentDec 2021
Corporate Tax Rate22.5022.50percentDec 2021
Sales Tax Rate14.0014.00percentDec 2021
Social Security Rate40.0040.00percentDec 2021
Social Security Rate For Companies26.0026.00percentDec 2021
Social Security Rate For Employees14.0014.00percentDec 2021

What kind of taxes does Egypt have?

Four main types of taxes apply in Egypt, namely corporate income tax, personal income tax, property tax and tax in interests, dividends and plus values. General Sales Tax, which is similar to Value Added Tax (VAT) to some extent, also applies


Who has to pay tax in Egypt?

Desiring to know who is eligible to pay tax in Egypt? Well, here are the criteria

  • People who live permanently in the Egypt
  • Residents of Egypt that have stayed a minimum of 183days, not necessarily consecutive
  • You work or own businesses or organizations in the Egypt
  • You own properties or assets in Egypt etc

Are properties taxed in Egypt?

Properties tax in Egypt is taxed at a 0.5percentage based on the capital value of the land and property asset. There is also a 5% transfer duty on land and building which is payable by the buyer.

In Egypt, income tax is obtained on residents by taxing them based on the Worldwide earned income and on any other income, they may have acquired whilst in Egypt while nonresidents workers are taxed based on their income earned in Egypt.

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