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Desiring to know what the income tax rate in Iceland is all about? Relocating into the amazing nation of Ice land as an International ex-pat, immigrant, and foreigner even as an Investor wishing to invest or establish an enterprise in Ice land, then this page is for you as it is important that you understand how the income tax calculator works in Ice land.

Currently, Ice land stands as one of the fast-growing economies with a massive rate of global investors due to its tax rate for citizens, noncitizens, and corporations.

In Iceland, Taxes are very crucial to the Ice land authorities as it represents one of the means by which the Ice land government builds and repairs many basic amenities. The Ice land income tax rate is calculated using the progress Ice land income tax rate. And these taxes are collected and levied on goods, property, economic annual salary, etc

Now let’s take a walk through the Income tax rate in Ice land, Are Ice land taxes high? Why are taxes so high in Ice land? Personal income tax in Ice land, what is the Ice land tax rate for Corporate bodies, and many more.

Personal Tax Rate in Ice land.

Personal income tax rate in Iceland is calculated using the progressive tax rate given by the Iceland authorities and has a direct marginal income tax rate of  46.25%. Listed below are the current Iceland income tax rate

  • on the first ISK 370482, there is a 31.45% rate
  • on every ISK 669,624, there is a 37.45%
  • on every economic income above ISK 1040106 , there is a 46.25% rate

Both residents and non-residents in Iceland has their economic income collected from economic sources like labor, interest, pensions, and dividends and have a rate of about 31.45 – 46.0%. According to an article by Ice land Trading Economics, the Personal Income tax rate averages an estimated 46.25% as it serves as a major source of national revenue.


Are taxes high in Iceland?

Taxes remains one of the major means by which the Iceland authorities use for national development, hence the taxation system in Iceland is quite rigid and a bit on the high side when compared with other surrounding nations in Europe.

Another reason for this is due to the fact that Iceland is an Island that depends majorly on the exportation of its goods and such exportation can be quite expensive.

Iceland VAT Tax.

Iceland’s standard VAT tax rate is set at 24%, however, there is a reduced rate of 11% on some goods and services and they including Rental of hotels and guestrooms, general property purchases, etc. Most companies and stores in Iceland are expected to have a VAT number with which they use in paying these tax.

Corporate Tax Rate in Iceland

Corporate tax rate in Iceland is about 20% and this is  for limited liability companies , however for  legal entities and partnerships has a corporate tax rate of 37.6%

Why are taxes so high in Ice land?

The income tax rate in Ice land is not high compared to other European nations. Located in Central Italy, Ice land stands as one of the European nations with the least economic income tax rate.

Ice land located within Europe is an island with a growing industrial economy that presents great investment opportunities.

More exciting updates about the income tax rate in Ice land coming soon. Bookmark these page and get notified once there is a new update.

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