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Luxembourg’s income tax rate in 2023! Are you a Luxembourg citizen or a foreigner? Are you looking for the current Luxembourg income tax rate is? Do you want to know the corporate income tax rates in Luxembourg? In Luxembourg, income tax is the tax on your earnings.

Some people are asking, Does Luxembourg have high taxes? Is Luxembourg a tax haven country? How taxes are calculated in Luxembourg?How do I pay less taxes in Luxembourg?

All inhabitants, that is, all foreigners living in Luxembourg. For residents, income made in Luxembourg and abroad is subject to taxation. Foreigners are subject to taxation solely on income earned in Luxembourg.

In this post, you will learn about the Luxembourg income tax rate, cooperative taxation in Luxembourg, the Luxembourg VAT, and much more.

The income tax rate in Luxembourg 2023

In Luxembourg, all earned income is taxed. In Luxembourg employment income is also subject to different social security insurance contributions.

Individuals in Luxembourg are taxed based on their tax residency status. Luxembourgn tax residents are subject to worldwide income taxation. Non-residents are only taxed in Luxembourg on income derived from Luxembourg, which has a rather broad legal definition. In general, this includes any money earned from economic activity carried out on Luxembourgn territory or from the sale of property in Luxembourg.

Any income earned from employment or performing services on Luxembourgn territory is considered Luxembourgn-source income, regardless of where or by whom it is paid.

  • Corporate Tax Rate 24.94 %
  • Personal Income Tax Rate 45.78%
  • Sales Tax Rate 17.0%
  • Social Security Rate 27.62 %
  • Social Security Rate For Companies 15.17%
  • Social Security Rate For Employees 12.45%

The corporate tax rate in Luxembourg

Local Luxembourgn corporations are taxed on their worldwide income in Luxembourg, but non-resident companies are solely taxed on their income earned in Luxembourg.

The corporate income tax rate is a flat 24.94 %. Taxable firms are largely Luxembourgn-incorporated corporations and non-resident companies with income earned in Luxembourg or income acquired through a Luxembourgn permanent establishment.


Is foreign income taxed in Luxembourg?

Capital gains and investment income earned by Luxembourgn tax residents (including expatriates who are deemed Luxembourgn tax residents) are taxed on all sources during their time of residence. Foreign tax residents are solely taxed on capital gains and investment income earned in Luxembourg.

Does Luxembourg have high taxes?

Luxembourg is known to have one of the most complicated income tax systems in Europe, with three tax classes and 23 different brackets ranging from 0% up to 42%. The top rate might seems to be so high, it remains lower than the likes of neighboring countries such as Belgium.

How taxes are calculated in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, personal income tax is calculated according to a scale based on the total level of income, not on the nature of the income. The tax deduction is calculated on the basis of a tax deduction slip.

How do I pay less taxes in Luxembourg?

The Tax rate can be reduced by declaring certain costs, charges, and extraordinary expenses, including in particular tax-deductible products. To ensure this is achieved  you need to meet one of two requirements: you must live and file a tax return in Luxembourg, or be equivalent to a resident for tax purposes

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